21 November 2006

When in doubt ...

Western Washington has been experiencing some serious windstorms lately. Last week, over 135,000 residents of western WA lost power due to the wind. Here in Bellingham, we had gusts up to 82 mph.

And I have never been more thankful for electricity. It’s a luxury I have been remiss in acknowledging. Since we are in the season in which we make a point of being thankful, this is my ode of gratitude for electricity & the people who make it happen.

My power went out at approximately 5 am, Wednesday November 15. Didn’t think much of it until the hours wore on to days. Three days to be exact. With temperatures in the 40s, & everything in my apartment dependent on electricity (stovetop & oven, hot water, lights & heat), I was up a creek. A very dark & chilly creek. It didn’t help to see that every neighbor I had was enjoying light & heat while I was selecting my clothes by candlelight.

Luckily I had places to stay while Puget Sound Energy worked around the clock to restore power. My apartment just happened to be low on the priority list since we were in an area where my building was the only one affected. But luckily, on Saturday morning (the 18th), electricity was restored. HALLELUJAH!

Though I had not opened the fridge or freezer since the whole debacle began, I knew I was in for some clean-up. Remembering the adage when in doubt, throw it out I set to dumping beef I had been saving for a stir-fry, about 5 lbs of chicken breasts, ground turkey, my re-frozen vanilla bean ice cream, and of course all the milk, cheese, lunchmeat, & yogurt I had.

And boy was the freezer pretty! Have you ever had meat thaw out & leave its sticky red juices on the bottom of your freezer, only to have the freezer come on again?

It amounted to two garbage bags full when all was said & done. Sad day!! I know it’s not Puget Sound Energy’s fault the power went out, but I felt like sending them the bill to replace all that spoiled food.

And less I be remiss in thanking the One really in charge ... thank God no one was seriously hurt or killed during these storms. With all the felled trees & dangling power lines, it is a miracle!!

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