21 December 2006

E.R. Diaries

Yesterday, my stomach pain got bad enough that I went to the E.R. at about 1 pm. Thankfully, I got admitted almost immediately (I got triaged, checked in, & in a room in 5 minutes flat). My blood pressure was through the roof (155/96) & they took blood & urine samples right away. An ultrasound was ordered so they could check to see if there was anything wrong with my gallbladder & I was given a non-narcotic for the pain.

I have to tell you, donning a hospital gown & being rolled around on that bed from room to room was a humbling experience. Having always enjoyed an excellent state of health, I am finding being sick (at least like this) is really a foreign concept to me. Finding out what’s wrong won’t be easy & requires that I put up with waiting, tests, some pain, & a long list of unanswered questions. I am feeling depleted, physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

All the waiting time in the ER gave me ample opportunity to reflect & pray. I trust the Lord to see me through to the other side of this more like He wants me to be, but I just don’t know what to do when there is so much pain that it stops me cold. I feel like it’s making me into this sick, tired person who just needs to rest all the time; I feel like it’s changing my relationships, changing the way I work, & depriving me of the ability to do the things I love, like working out & going to yoga. I’m just not sure how to cope with that loss right now, but I suppose I must learn to trust the Lord even in this.

The ultrasound showed no gallstones, so that is one more thing that can be crossed off the list of possibilities. I have been given a prescription to handle the pain & another to help move food out of the stomach (since just about everything I eat ends up feeling like a big brick in there), but am getting some conflicting advice about the best meds to be taking to deal with the issue at hand.

So … the saga continues. Thank you so much to those who are praying. May you all be blessed!!

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