10 January 2007

Snowy Day

I do believe I may have to rename my blog to "lattes & snowy days". Yesterday & today mark the fourth winter storm Western Washington has seen in just over a month. Mostly it has been high winds (gusts up to 65 mph yesterday) & plenty of rain. Get some nice soaked soil & add some high winds, you've got the perfect recipe for falling trees, which often result in massive power outages. In all fairness however, I cannot complain about views like the one at the left.

I am sure this is nothing like what our friends in Colorado are experiencing. But for Washingtonians who were expecting a "mild" winter, we are certainly getting our fair share of newsworthy weather.

Here is what I'm in for today:

Weather for Bellingham, WA


  1. you think very clearly at 6 AM - I am amazed.

  2. Ilse!! How exciting to hear from you. Do you have a blog too? I LOVE blogging! It has given me so many opportunities to reconnect with people I've lost touch with.