24 February 2007

5 Minutes of Sunshine

The Pacific Northwest is perhaps best known for the mountains, the green trees ... and yes, the RAIN. Especially in the winter months, we learn to seek sunshine in other ways. This is my contribution.

Click HERE to enjoy!!

P.S. If you haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, this clip may spoil it for you. Read a description of the movie from a previous post and if so inclined, go rent it!


  1. Have I told you how much I love this film? Oh yes, I did -- on your previous post. :) Though I must confess this scene was my least favorite of them all. My favorite scenes? They are:

    -- the scene with the brother and Olive down below on the side of the road, when he storms away from the family, finally.

    -- the scene with the brother and the uncle on the pier, talking about life.

  2. There are several priceless scenes in the film! I loved the scene where Olive's talent is on display not only because I found it hilarious, but because for the first time in the film, that quirky, dysfunctional, divided family comes together for a single purpose, not caring how ridiculous they look in the process (even grandpa was there in a way). As silly as it sounds, I guess I could see just a little bit of my own family in theirs. :o)

    The scene on the pier was a good one too. Dwayne & his uncle are both so wounded and they have a great connection in that moment.

    I also liked it when grandpa has a heart-to-heart with a teary-eyed Olive in the hotel room, telling her she is the most beautiful girl in the world. That broke my heart!!

  3. Yeah, that movie is great.

    I especially like the scene when Grandpa is giving Dwayne life advice in the van with everyone else listening... not a particularly redemptive scene, but awesome in its audacity nonetheless.

    The little girl pageant, that whole phenomenon, gives me the serious creeps. I loved the Dad's facial expressions of discomfort while he was sitting in the audience.

  4. Kirsten and Dan, I loved both of your comments here, and the hearkening back to scenes. I agree that the scene in the hotel room with Olive and Grandpa was hard to watch without getting teary! Did you see that Alan Arkin won the Oscar for that role? That clip from the hotel room was the one they played before his win was announced.

    Some of the more uncomfortable scenes for me were any having to do with Greg Kinnear's character. That guy is just so . . . wow.