06 February 2007

It's Here!!

The new laptop has finally arrived! After many frustrating phone calls with FedEx, I was finally** able to arrange to pick up my laptop at a local holding facility.

WOO HOO!! Let the writing begin ...

**When I ordered the laptop, I requested that it be shipped to my mom's place of business. I even spelled the street name twice for the representative who took my order. My mom's place of work receives several shipments daily & this way I knew that my package could be signed for and in a safe place. However, it was only when I received notice on my apartment door last week that FedEx had attempted delivery did I discover that due to some unknown mishap, my billing address was also listed as the shipping address. Originally, they told me I could not pick it up, it had to be delivered. Then they told me I could pick it up in a holding facility 30 miles south of where I live. That was clearly not my best option & I became flustered at the shocking lack of customer service being displayed. The FedEx representative remarked that delivery would be attempted the following day. When I replied that I have a full-time job and could not wait at home all day for the package, the representative said "really?" as if it were the most incredulous thing he had heard all day that I should have a job. When I asked to have it re-routed, they said only the shipper could do that. So I called the shipper & they told me sorry, they were unable to re-route the package (even though I had originally given them a different shipping address). Finally, I called FedEx again yesterday & they are holding it for me at the local FedEx facility which is just a couple miles from where I work.

At last! SIGH.


  1. GRRR. But then, HOORAY! It's here. I'm so happy for you. I hope you share with us the sorts of writing projects you're embarking upon.

  2. I"ve just spent the last hour reading through your entire BLOG! Girl you're amazing and the steps that you've made to shed the old tapes and roadblacks is truly wonderful. I've experienced you to be much more happy in your own skin and open to new ideas, ways of living, ways of celebrating the life that we've been so blessed with.

    I'm thrilled beyond belief to see where this writing journey will take you. And the writing group is exactly the avenue to get started! I hope we get to read more about your process and thoroughly have enjoyed your thoughts on your blog...it's reminded me that i should update mine!

    Can't wait to read the next entry!!!