20 September 2007

More Medical Fun!!

Yesterday I had Endoscopy # 2 (see previous post). It went smoothly and without a hitch. The doc took some biopsies from a couple different spots along my digestive tract. Thanks to the fact that I was in the lovely state of drug-induced conscious sedation, I don't remember a thing and was able to go home to enjoy a four and a half hour "nap" afterward.

I came home with a printout of the initial findings and recommendations, not to mention some lovely full-color pics of my insides. I learned last time I had this procedure done that looking up medical terminology on the internet that one is not already familiar with is a VERY bad idea (what you tend to find are worst-case scenarios). So there are things on the report I'm not familiar with, and some that I am. The hernia is still there of course, but not the source of any real trouble. My stomach lining is still severely atrophied. Not good news. There were other findings not listed on my previous endoscopy; these are the things I am deliberately not looking up, but will wait instead for my kind and very thorough doctor to explain to me in person.

Tomorrow I go in for an abdominal/pelvic CT scan. These types of scans are used to further assist in diagnosing causes of abdominal pain and/or diseases of the bowel & colon. In preparation for this test, I get to drink two large (450 mL), nasty bottles of a barium sulfate suspension 3 hours apart. The solution is a radiocontrast agent, meaning this will help make the length of my entire digestive tract viewable on the x-ray, assisting my doctor in identifying any further issues not appearing on my endoscopy.

Perhaps I'm speaking too soon (as someone who has not yet had to chug nearly a liter of this chalky barium sulfate solution), but I really do feel blessed by all this. I was dismissed as "stressed out" and just having a "spastic stomach that needs to learn to relax" by a previous doctor, and here is someone who is taking my health seriously and actively seeking answers.

Thank God for the availability of second opinions!

As always, I will continue to keep you updated as I learn new information. I know this isn't the most thrilling of reading, but I'm grateful to know that near or far, whether you've met me or not, there are people out there who care. Color me blessed!!


  1. Oh yes, Kirsten, there are definitely people out here who care to read all this stuff you're going through!

    I've heard about that barium stuff, and that it's definitely NOT FUN. :( But I'm inspired by your positive attitude about everything. I can definitely see why you would be, after so long of not knowing what was wrong and also being dismissed by your last doctor.

    Believe me when I say I really cannot wait to hear more updates on your status. I'm praying for you!

  2. Good job on not looking things up. I have learned not to do that either - considering my last experience doing that involved being scared that we were under attack with germ warfare - yeah - not a good idea.

  3. I suppose it needn't be thrilling reading. I just care to hear how you are doing. And hope for more renewed health as the weeks go by.

    Blessings, Kirsten.