07 August 2008

hope rising

I can't thank you all enough. If I had any doubts as to being cared for, all I would need to do is to look at what you all wrote in response to my previous post. You people blow my mind and invade my heart. Seriously.

And you pray. Boy, did you all pray. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

On Monday (the day I published that post), I went to my family doctor to follow up on some things that had been ongoing for several months. I had received instruction to come back and get checked out if they hadn't changed.

CAVEAT: Sorry if I am being vague, but I want to be sensitive toward any readers who aren't particularly curious or desirous to read about the finer details of how my body does or does not function. If you want to know, I really don't mind telling you -- really, I have no inhibitions left when it comes to discussing the topic -- I just don't want to put it out for general consumption or to cause anyone to lose his or her cookies while reading.

I already knew I'd be in for more tests: more needle sticks, more deep breathing while shiny stethoscopes were pressed on my skin. More lying back on cold tables covered in white tissue paper. I told my doctor what was happening: or rather, what wasn't. Two months and no change. And I got one of those looks again. Oh, and some new digestive complications too. That's been going on two months or more, too. Another frown. I told her I had already scheduled an appointment with the gastroenterologist again. August 25.

I was sent to the lab again; the phlebotomist and I are familiar to one another now. Once we knew the results, my doctor would know what our next steps would be.

On Tuesday, I stayed home from work. I was worn out. I felt overwhelmed with sadness and confusion; my anger had worn me out and my boss was kind enough to give me a mental health day. I slept in, I drank my coffee out on the back porch. I made a second cup. I read my Bible and I journaled. The words weren't as angry this day.

It was shortly after 10 a.m. that things changed. I suppose they changed a little before that, but that is when I made my discovery. The two chronic complaints? Let's just say things are working as they should. The things that weren't working started working then (at the same time) and they are still working. My digestive and other (formerly chronically troubled) body systems are normal and functioning as they were designed to function. [Cue loud music and exuberant dancing around the house.]

Yes, you better believe I danced that morning. I'm still going to be vigilant, still going to follow-up with my physicians, but ... yeah. Things are good right now. And that's really good news.

As for the lab results, I received the official word today: even my thyroid is back to normal.

So thank you, people of God, for bathing me in prayer, for lifting me up to the Almighty. Less than 24 hours between the time I posted and the time God chose to extend His healing toward me. You were on it.

He turned my mourning into dancing, my weeping into laughter. This is your party, too.

Anyone wanna dance with me??

sunrise photo by kirsten.michelle


  1. Ok, that was funny. I had your post on my feed reader. Then I clicked over, and it was gone. Then I refreshed, and it was back. I know you're feeling better, but the messing with my head? It has to stop ;)

    And WOW (this is actually the main point)!!!!


    YAY! I'm SO glad things are working again. Isn't God great? He's amazing. His healing is so incredibly awesome. I'm so excited that you get to have life "back to normal."

    And I can't help but notice that he did it with just enough time for you to be well-rested when we all get there.


    Love you.

  2. very good news


  3. Friday night dance party at Spring Creek.. you know it girl :)

  4. It just so happens that I posted the dance of joy on my blog a few minutes ago.
    And when did you put the Chagall on your blog--Chagall's my absolute favorite artist!

  5. HOORAY!!!!!!!!

    I got a huge smile on my face when I read that things are STILL FUNCTIONING AS NORMAL. Dude. That's seriously huge news.

    So totally doing the dance of joy with you. We're going to dance when all of us get there, too!

    I'm going to keep praying, girl. I so don't get this. But God does. "Who are we . . . ?" "Where were we . . . ?" (Just a little Job interpolation here.)

    Sigh. SO GLAD things are functioning normally for you again. I can't imagine the kind of relief you feel right now, both emotionally and physically. Amazing. YAY!!!

  6. paPaR-A-I-S-E the LORD!
    we're gonna dance in the river!!

  7. I've got the Blue Danube lilting through my mind and feet. But maybe something a little more rambunctious is called for. Kicking up my heels for you, friend! (Is it sacriligeous to dance to the Hallelujah Chorus?)

  8. I be dancing, and I am joyous in your bodys recovery. Hang in there and keep dancing. I am a dancing fool with you today!

  9. sarah - blogger (being blogger) decided to get all evil & wacky on me & published my post in a format that did not at all resemble the way i thought it was supposed to look. you are just too lightning fast with that reader of yours, my friend!!

    and YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm SO glad things are working again. i've never been so happy to be "normal". :o) it's nothing short of a miracle & we can celebrate appropriately when you get here!! :o)

    nancy - yes, yes it is!!

    melissa - it'll totally be a dance party, spring creek style!! ;o)

    heather - i will have to check it out!! it's been much too long since i've been by l'chaim (or a lot of other blogs ... she says sheepishly).

    i love chagall too!! it's been a there for a couple weeks, i think. i put it up there on his birthday & just decided to leave it.

    stephanie - thanks for celebrating with me!!

    christianne - as one who has (graciously) been made privy to the finer details of what has been chronic & what "NORMAL" means, i know you know just how huge this news is.

    and we will dance, and we will pray, and we will continue to wonder, i think.

    for now, i'm revelling in sheer relief.

    di - i'll meet you down there at the river where we can dance dance dance!!

    joelle - is any hallelujah complete without some dancing?! there may be some that won't approve, but i'm going to dance anyway!!

    carl - thank you, thank you!! it's a miracle worth dancing about!!

  10. yay yay yay!

    so very sweet to hear that things are operating like they're supposed to. and it is pretty nice that you're getting this relief just before you get your wonderful company in a little while. rest girl. you deserve it.

  11. Really?! That is truly fantastic! See my friend Steve...has taught me about the power of prayer!
    Good on you girly! I am super glad to hear that...really! Many ((((hugs))))!

  12. So beautifully written.

    Praise GOD!

  13. Great to hear, my friend. You have been on my mind and heart a lot (after your last post) and I am thankful to hear this news.

    So cool!

  14. This is such a fantastic thing!!! Are things still in working order and doing well? Are you ready for some company in a couple of weeks? Just so you know there was dancing and on this end and a great smile that lasted the rest of the day after you told me about what how good you were doing. Be blessed friend.

  15. Kirsten
    This is wonderful news. I asked Christianne about you on the phone the other day. And i saw on Sarah's blog that you were doing better. Man God really comes through in these sorta things and it seems when we go through our next crisis we forget them. It is like that for me anyway.

    I have a friend who used to say, "now Tammy God just worked a miracle for you and so you don't forget you should write it down for the next time a crisis rolls around.

    I never do, and the next crisis i usually get mad at God all over again, til takes care of my problem.

    Anyway i see here in your blog that God is never early, never late, but right on time!

  16. Oh Kirsten, I am shivering. And it's not because of the breeze coming through my window. How precious. How truly, truly wonderful.

  17. I usually feel weird commenting when I'm as tardy as I am here, but I'm too excited for you not to! WOW! Praise the Lord for His kindness toward you in bringing you some physical relief. I will definitely do a little dance over here in Singapore for you. . . but it will have to be quite tame, otherwise I might make myself go into labor!

  18. I need to read your blogs more! You know I was dancing with you - even with my numb toe!!