04 November 2008

what he said

This piece by Donald Miller pretty much sums it up for me.


  1. I wonder if you know just how happy you and your countrymen have made many of us who do not live in America. I couldn't even discuss Obama's victory with one of my colleagues in Paris this morning as we were both too emotional.

    I never believed it would happen, but I'm thrilled.

  2. dean,
    oh how i've missed you!!

    and i was utterly & completely thrilled at this victory too -- and such a decisive one, at that. i wept last night & i've wept today. i've danced and laughed and pinched myself, wondering if this can really be true.

    but it is. obama is our next president, & God bless him. :o)

  3. Kristen, I copied you. Hope that's okay. Linked to Miller and here.

  4. I love your big sign. If you and Christianne were in the same room right now, even the same state, we might feel the earthquake. :)

  5. joelle - thanks for the link!! i appreciate that you want to pass on don miller's words.

    l.l. - i think you're right. maybe it's a good thing that we're at opposite corners of the country. ;o)

  6. Kirsten,
    I keep meaning to thank our for posting this link if for no other reason than for the pdf article Miller links to by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Their report, "Reducing Abortion in America: The Effects of Economic and Social Supports," is very helpful.