08 August 2009

made me cry

... which, let's face it, is not that hard these days.

James and I went to see Julie & Julia last night which, if you haven't yet (I know it's only been out a day), be sure to make a point to see it -- twice, if you can. Beyond being an utterly delightful telling of two true stories, Meryl Streep's portrayal of Julia Child played to perfection, and Amy Adams being the sweet, slightly neurotic, and more than occasionally sad Julie, it left me asking the question what might be possible if I tried something similar: try one seemingly impossible thing every day for a year, write about it, and see what I can learn, how it might change me, what paths it might lead me toward. In truth, this is something I've been thinking about for quite awhile and which I hope to share more about very soon.

But back to the title of this post.

I will admit I am a previews junkie, in spite of the fact that they mostly disappoint me. Previews for this film were what you might expect: a mildly compelling drama, a new animated feature about a princess, your run-of-the-mill "the world is ending" film, one horrible looking terror flick, and one more that grabbed my attention. The preview made me cry. This is a story I cannot wait to hear ...


  1. I love that -- this sense of taking responsibility for one another and allowing ourselves to be changed in the process. That vulnerability. That love. I've been (finally) finishing Obama's Dreams from My Father these days, so these themes of mutual responsibility and the intersections of all our lives are at top of mind right now.

    Thanks for sharing this preview. I'm a previews junkie too. :) And it sounds like the same previews you saw last night at Julie and Julia are the same ones we saw last night at the same movie on the other side of the continent, save for this one. (Did you see the preview for Hilary Swank as Amelia Earheart? Looks amazing.)

    I loved Julie and Julia too. I'd been anticipating it for a while, but it exceeded even my expectations. Meryl Streep is the main reason for that. She was hands-down excellent. And I loved her with Stanley Tucci, too. :)

    I'm looking forward to hearing about what secret project you've been cooking up for yourself, once it's ready for sharing.


  2. It sounds SO special, on so many levels. Thanks for sharing it here, or I might not have known it existed (we don't get to the movies much, these days).

    Blessings to you in your new project!

  3. Me, too. I hadn't even heard of it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Okay, I will try to see it. :) Your passion for it speaks.