30 April 2007

Springtime Serenity

Some time ago, a little photo contest was held at work in order to help decorate a space known as the Serenity Room. It is a quiet space with leather recliners, massage chairs, and a quietly bubbling water feature. Employees were invited to submit photos or other original artwork that exemplified serenity in the spring or in the summer. Two photos each would be chosen from each category.

Yours truly won first place for the spring theme! My unbelievably enlarged photo (24" x 36") is now hanging in the serenity room, and I will get to take the photo home with me once spring is over and the summer entries are up. Here is the original print, followed by the enlargement on display:


  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love this photograph, and I can hardly believe the size it's been enlarged to!

    Congratulations on your win. It's no surprise to all of us fans of your blog who get to experience your eye for beauty on a regular basis. :)

  2. very cool, kirsten! that would brightn up any room.....