06 May 2007

Tagged: Fours

I've been tagged! The lovely Christianne has tagged me for a game of fours ...

Four jobs I've had: food server, day camp counselor, resident assistant, accounting coordinator (not even I am quite sure what that means!)

Four places I have lived: a house, a duplex, an apartment, a teeny studio apartment (which I love!)

Four movies I watch over and over: Little Miss Sunshine, Cold Comfort Farm, Kinky Boots, Amelie

Four favorite foods: Have you been keeping up on my blog? I can’t eat food anymore!

(Just kidding)

I like: Thai cuisine (a NW staple), seafood (again, requisite for living in this region of the country), veggies, and I must say lattes!

Four favorite TV shows: I literally haven’t sat down & watched TV in ages, but from the times I have: Gilmore Girls, Gray's Anatomy … um, literally can’t think of anymore!

Four places I'd rather be right now: Thailand, South Africa, France, or getting a massage

Everyone I can think of except Kaari has been tagged. So I leave an open invitation to post your own!


  1. i like the last thing listed in the places you'd rather be...in fact, i have a gift certificate for a massage i need to use...ahhh, heavenly! :)

  2. Cool, Kirsten! It was fun to read things about you I didn't know before -- jobs you've held, places you'd rather be. I don't watch TV much, either, and was hard-pressed to answer that question, but I forgot about Gilmore Girls! I used to watch that show a lot and thought it was so well-written and cast.

  3. Blue - I'd almost ALWAYS rather be getting a massage. The spa I went to on my retreat week is fantastic & I always remember my massages there with much fondness & sighing. :o)

    C - Gilmore Girls is THE favorite with my mom, my sister, and I!! We love the witty banter & reparte and are all a bit depressed about its cancellation in favor of shows about underage teeny-boppers baring too much skin and competing for who has the cutest booty.

    Oh well. I know it was under new direction & on a new network, but still ... SAD.

    Other than that, I don't really make time for TV. If I want to sit down & watch something, I'll pop in a DVD. :o)