03 May 2007


Hello, latte. It's been a long time. I've missed you.

Decaf Soy Latte @ The Woods ... this is what heaven tastes like!

*** On a more serious note, I encourage you to check out my sister's post about a powerful film we both viewed this past weekend. Click here to head on over ...


  1. "Reunited and it feels so good
    Reunited 'cause we understood
    There's one perfect fit
    And, sugar, this one is it
    We both are so excited
    'Cause we're reunited, hey, hey"

    Nothing like a little of Peaches & Herb to make this moment that much more magical! (:

  2. Ha! I didn't know the rest of the lyrics beyond "and it feels so good". But oddly enough, that is the perfect fit to describe my love for lattes.

    This latte in particular was heavenly, as it was the first one I'd had in a month. Sigh.

    It was like the first taste, all over again!

  3. HOORAY! I love the latte, too.

    By the way, because I'm totally ignorant on this sort of thing, how do you ensure you're enjoying a wonderful latte gluten-free?

  4. To my great delight, dear Christianne, all the components of a latte are naturally 100% gluten free (primarily I have to avoid starchy products, soy sauce, etc.). Most soy milks use a modest amount of evaporated cane juice as a sweetener (which was a no-no on the diet), but now that I am off the diet I can have it. At home, I've been using a soy milk that is sweetened with brown rice syrup. Works beautifully!

    I have been using soy in place of cow's milk for some time now, but learned the hard way when I reintroduced dairy this past week (in the form of parmesan & mozzarella cheeses) that in no uncertain terms does my intestinal tract care for dairy products! Sad. :o(

    So here's to the dairy-free & gluten-free latte-lovin' life!!

  5. Oh, I'm glad you're going to avoid the dairy products. They prevent the absorption of iron anyway and promote inflammation.

    Good, too, that you're going easy on the sugar. Cancers love sugar.

    Nice to hear from you on Seedlings... even if it was to reiterate. I think there is value in affirming each other's ideas and restating them in our own way.

  6. someday we'll have to get together over a latte...... french vanilla with whipped cream is my fave! glad to hear you got a little of your old loves back. :)

    and i've been singing "reunited" in my head ever since i saw your sistah's comment.....oh boy!

  7. Oh yes, LL. Dairy products are gone. Never was a huge consumer of them, but I did like the odd bit of grated cheese on certain dishes. It will be missed somewhat, but at least I will be feeling good and doing my poor anemic body a favor! :o)

    Good to hear from you, Blue! It's a date!! I have a feeling we'd have an instant connection over our respective lattes. :o) And I know what you mean about the song ... I can't get it out of my head whenever I see the title of my post!

  8. Sounds great, Kirst. And by the way, every time I check out the comments to this post and see your sister's posting of the lyrics, I wander around my house singing the song at spontaneous bursts. So funny that a song can have that effect on us so easily!

    By the way, you've been officially tagged over at my site. ;)