16 May 2007

A Time to Move

It seems nearly everyone I know in the blogosphere has recently moved or is about to. I am no exception!

My sister and I have been discussing for many months the prospect of moving in together. I love my little studio apartment and heartily admit that I love living alone. However, I also love saving money when I can and have recently felt pulled toward living with others in a shared space again.

We've poured over ads in print and online over the last six months or so, searching for the perfect place to live. Nothing really grabbed us or seemed like the right fit, so we did not move on anything. We agreed it would be nice to find a responsible third roommate so we could rent a house or something larger than an apartment, but neither one of us could think of anyone who could fit the bill.

Along comes my friend Michelle, recently moved back to town after a long absence. She too was looking for a place to live. We met Sunday night and were both thinking she might be the missing piece to the three-roommate arrangement my sister and I desired. She spoke to my thought before I did, and we started our search immediately.

We all started praying over it, and within hours, Kaari found a listing that caught our collective attention. It is a fairly new construction in a quiet neighborhood just a mile and a half from where I work. It is a three bedroom, three and one-quarter bathroom home. Considering the size (2300 sq ft) the rent is very modest; we are half-inclined to think the amount they're asking is a farce. So we drove by on Monday; the neighborhood can be best described as charming and idyllic.

The current residents were good enough to give us a tour yesterday. We were all amazed at the space and availability of storage (I am coming from a 400 sq ft studio apartment with no storage, save for the limited space under my bed) and all agreed it was a perfect fit for the three of us. We would have a garage and a backyard. There was a porch on the main level of the house. I would have a dishwasher, washer/dryer, and garbage disposal again!

Our applications are filled out and ready to go; we also found out from the rental office no one else is waiting for this beautiful property. It will be available in July, which gives me plenty of time to give proper notice at my current apartment and get my things ready to be moved.

This is Kaari's first apartment-hunting venture, and I've assured her that we are deeply blessed if this is indeed the home God has for us. No home-hunting venture has ever been so smooth for me! I'm sure many of you can relate.

The path seems to have been smoothed out and made straight before us; it is and has been my prayer that if this is the house God has for us, that we would be good stewards of this incredible space and use it to bless others in return.

I will keep you posted ...


  1. Hip Hip Hooray! Join the fun.

    Boy. . . Christen, Christianne, me and now you, too. It's an epidemic.
    At least our blog addresses aren't changing!

  2. it IS an epidemic, as we just bought a house and are undergoing all the paperwork and such....june 15th is our tentative closing date. how funny that we are all on this same journey......

    kirsten- this house is amazing....it's bigger than ours...much more so.....sounds like its going to be wonderful and i will wait for updates. :)

  3. It is an epidemic! I even have many friends up here moving -- it's CRAZY!!

    To tell the truth, this house really found us. I am flabbergasted at how easy this has been so far.

    And yes, the house is HUGE. I am overwhelmed by the amount of space. Speaking with Kaari & Michelle, I said that with such a space we must be good stewards of it, using it to bless others, and also being responsible with our own use of it.

    I am confident that God is preparing a smooth path in front of us for this -- if not this residence, then it will be another one He has for us.

    Here we go! ...

  4. This is great news! I really hope it works out for the three of you sisters in Christ (and in blood, where you and Kaari are concerned!).

    I love that all of us are moving at the same time. I was reflecting on this, too, just yesterday -- and even wondered when you would be up to bat! Guess I didn't have to wait long, huh? :)

    I also love that you speak so much about stewarding the space well to bless others. Your beautiful heart for Christ shines through this sentiment.

    Kirk and I have found the same to be true: when God is in something, He just makes the path open up with ease and never fails to astound us with His lavishness. We could relate story upon story upon story of how this has been the case for us in the short two and a half years we've even known each other! It's becoming clearer and clearer to me how to know when God is in something or not along about this point in life . . .

  5. Now, isn't that strange... I somehow had gotten the impression that you were married. Imagine that.

    Your idea of living with sister/friend sounds blessed, and I hope you find just the right space.

  6. Christianne - You are so right! When God is behind it, He just makes the path so clear and straight. I was just talking to an old friend yesterday and she was saying the same thing. It's such a blessing to see and know that this is GOD at work. I have been reminded so many times lately that God blesses us because He wants to give us good things, but also so we can pour out blessing on others. I love how He chooses to use us!

    I, too, am beginning to see this in my life more and more ... speaking of which, it's high time I did my next post about my retreat! Coming soon, I promise... :o)

    LL - That is interesting! Not married and while happily attached, am not quite chomping at the bit to go there yet. I think living with my sister again and my friend will be a blessing beyond imagining!