18 July 2007

Kirsten & the Great Big Move (Phase 2)

At long last ... we are in!! Moving in has not been without a few snafus, but in the past 48 hours, we have made much progress from not only getting the boxes in, but getting them unpacked & getting things arranged the way we want them. Here are a few photos of us moving & getting settled ...

Peder & I in the moving van ...

Me & the sis

The living room is starting to come together...

Kaari's first meal in the new place!

A surprise dinner guest in our backyard!

I'll share more as the space comes together and we get more settled ...


  1. Hooray! I love seeing these pictures. And I am glad to see that you seem to still relish in silliness -- something I always appreciated about you!

    So glad you're in and can now begin the process of making the space your own.

  2. great news! and it looks awesome...light and airy.

    so you and your sister are living together with one other roommate? i think that's what i remember you saying.

    and what a nice dinner guest! :)

  3. oh, and have you dug out your camera yet? :)

  4. Hello Christianne!! In the words of great philosopher/pop star Seal, "Oh we're never going to survive unless we get a little crazy." I've taken the mantra to heart -- and as most everyone visiting this blog knows personally -- few things make you quite crazy like moving can.

    Hello Blue!! I am joyed to hear from you. :o) I love all the natural light -- lots of big windows & our back yard ends in the greenbelt you see in the backyard photo. I've got the camera out, but we're still so busy unboxing & arranging everything ... and doing the move-in condition sheet that little is left at the end of my day but to crash. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for roadside blooms though, & have a few places I want to stop by!!

  5. Such a peaceful aspect. Many delightful mornings to you, here in this place!

  6. fun times - and fun pics. Oh, and BTW, i thought of you today, because today is definitely a latte and rainy day type of day - its a bit out of control down south here.

  7. Ilse - how funny!! Today I was in your neck of the woods (sort of). I was in Bellevue for a meeting today. The rainy day most definitely called for an intervention of the latte variety!!