25 July 2007

Oh, how time flies ...

What can you say about getting to spend a few uninterrupted days with the best of friends? Christin and I were not only college roommates, but the closest of friends during our days at Biola.

Following a family reunion in the Seattle area, Christin, her husband Adam, & their son Luke drove up to visit me! We had no problem picking up where we left off, sharing much enjoyment and laughter during our time together. It was fun to speak with Adam, and I quickly learned I could speak openly and freely with him as with Christin. Luke is a highly inquisitive little boy, finding plenty to explore both inside the home and out.

On our last full day together, Christin & I got to spend some girl time together -- chatting, catching a movie, grabbing a late lunch, and sharing good conversation and a couple bottles of wine into the wee, small hours of the morning (just like old times, except for the two bottles of wine, maybe). It was far too short a visit and I am already pricing plane tickets to Texas!

Here are a few photo highlights from our time together ...

Luke was very amused by the air mattresses we blew up for Mommy & Daddy

Luke emptied the crate we use for some of our recycling, put it in the middle of the living room floor, and cozied up with a good book.

At lunch in Vancouver, B.C.

We spent an afternoon in Vancouver, B.C.'s Stanley Park. It threatened rain all afternoon, but that didn't stop us from enjoying all the park had to offer.
Me & Christin with the Vancouver skyline in the background

Luke's initial response to Stanley Park

Luke playing with Daddy on one of the playgrounds

How could you not love this smile?

Adam & Luke throwing rocks into the water

The remainder of our afternoon in Vancouver was spent at Science World. This is a highly interactive science museum geared toward kids ... but I think the grow-ups have their fair share of fun here too!

Outside Science World

Adam tests his reflexes

One our favorite parts of the "Grossology" exhibit

We also spent some time in my hometown. One morning, we met my Dad at his favorite donut shop before exploring more of Bellingham.

Luke has fun pushing the swing at Whatcom Falls Park

Luke can't wait to take off on those trails!

Adam & Luke observing Whatcom Falls

Me in front of the falls

Christin, Adam, & Luke

Worn out with his days of exploring, Luke finally gets a chance to rest his head ...

I am so thankful that I got to host them for the few days they were here. Thanks for visiting, Christin & Adam!! You are always welcome here. Missing you already ...


  1. Yay! My heart gave a little skip of happiness just imagining the two of you together again. How long has it been?

    Your girlie day sounds absolutely divine. I want one!

    Thanks for all the great pics. :)

  2. Hi Christianne!! Their visit made my heart very happy. I hadn't seen them since their wedding 3 years ago, so it had been some time! But I am already budgeting for a trip to TX ... it's definitely my turn to visit there. Incidentally, I am pricing plane tickets that will get me to your neck of the woods, too. :o)

  3. I don't remember this Biola roommate - but that's because i think you were living with Laura (I think that's her name) when I came to see you freshman year. Craziness. Oh wait, I remember her, because you talked about how similar your names are - I, fortunately, don't ever have that problem :)

  4. Oh, Kirsten! I am missing you! I had so much fun with you. Our time together was too short. Your room in Texas is ready and waiting.

    I love the pictures you posted.

    I must admit, I am still a little jet-lagged, if one can be jet-lagged by only a two hour difference. Luke didn't go to sleep until 11p last night and then slept until 11a. He is definitely still on Washington time. Hopefully, not having a nap this afternoon and going to bed at his normal time will correct things tonight.

    Ilse- I remember you!

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  6. Kirsten - glad your experience is going well - I limited my matches to 50 miles, because I'm not willing to relocate, and i'm not a fan of long distance relationships.