26 September 2007

A Blog is Born

I've officially joined the ranks of those who will divide their time between two blogs!! Whether or not this is crazy remains to be seen.

For those of you who may be interested, I've created a separate blog for the purposes of detailing the faith journey in which I am currently engaged. This blog is going to look and act differently than a lot of other blogs, operating within very specific boundaries (which you can read about on that site should you choose to visit). Whether or not you choose to visit is entirely up to you; I will not be the least bit offended (and will really have no way of knowing) should you choose not to read.

I am keeping this blog primarily for my own purposes, but wanted to invite whoever may be genuinely interested in my thought and learning process to view it at your leisure.

So, here it is ...
Cloud by Day, Fire by Night

NOTE: For the purposes of maintaining clear and loving boundaries from the outset, the ability to comment has been disabled for this particular post. I can safely promise that this won't be a regular occurrence here @ lattesandrainydays. :o)

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