26 October 2007

On My Radar

I'm sure most (if not all) of you are aware of the fires ripping their ways across Southern California; I know many of the readers here have friends and family there. I am no exception.

I got an e-mail from my aunt this morning; she and my uncle live in the Corona/Riverside area and thus far, have only had dark air and drifting ash to deal with. Last night, they started looking for voluntary evacuees as the fire has crept into the hills that are nearly in their backyard. Their whole neighborhood is on standby as they wait to hear if the evacuation will become mandatory.

I'm praying harder than ever that the Lord has mercy on this area of our country -- for the thousands who have been displaced and for those fighting the spread of the flames. The below photos were taken just outside my aunt & uncle's home this afternoon ...


  1. Unreal, just unreal.

    Praying it will stop or be stopped before it comes over the hill. Praying for their peace to be in Jesus during this crazy time.

    Having lived in the central valley for a number of years, I understand how hot and dry it can get—this irrigated desert.

  2. Dude, MY family lives in the Corona/Riverside area! That's where I grew up! Small, small world. Getting smaller by the day, it seems.

    It's hard to be on the other side of the country when so much is happening where my family lives. It's all anyone is talking about back home. I hate that there's no escape from the thick air and ash for them. Thankfully, the fires are finally becoming detained.

  3. 23 Degrees -- Hope you had fun bowhunting!

    It is unreal. It appears that it is more or less under control now and that firecrews have been able to detain the raging beast.

    Thank God!!

    Christianne -- I thought of you, as I remembered this was your home. I can't believe how much damage this blaze has done across the southland.

    I trust that all is well with your friends & family ... I'm continuing to pray for all those who stare at piles of ash where a home once stood. I can't even fathom the depth of loss & helplessness ...

  4. It is frightening, isn't it? In this day, we feel like we have control...like something like fire can be easily fought. But we are continually reminded that it is not so and that there are greater powers than our own.

  5. yikes! i, too, hope and pray that this will end soon. i heard that the cooler weather is helping...

  6. oh.... and recipe forthcoming! we have been super busy. i just wrote a reminder to myself.....

  7. Any update from your family?

  8. Yes!! While not entirely squelched, the flames have really died down (looks like they're getting some rain) and the greatest of dangers appears to be over. Hallelujah!!

    Of course, this is bittersweet as I consider all the other families who have lost homes to the blaze. I still think of them.

  9. Kirsten,

    Just stopping in for an update. Any news? Prayed for the families at small group tonight.

    (Bow hunting went well BTW, thanks for asking. Will post soon about it.)

  10. Thanks for stopping by again, Laura. It is truly awful. I cannot even begin to fathom the heartache of those whose homes have been reduced to piles of ash. And to think this all started with arson -- even more heart-wrenching.

    Welcome back, 23 Degrees! Glad you had a good time bow-hunting. My family members are safe and luckily, never had to evacuate. I am so thankful.

  11. Kirsten - the date went well, and hopefully there will be a second one - he was actually normal!