24 October 2007

October Anomalies

While the weather is not the most interesting thing about what I'm up to these days, it certainly is giving us Pacific Northwest natives plenty to talk about. This is not typical October weather at all!

Yesterday was sunny, clear, and warm: as in 74 degrees. And this morning as I drove to work at 5 am, the temperature read 57 (non-natives, read: warm). Last year at this time, we had sideways rain, hundreds of felled trees, and several thousand homes without power for days on end. I don't know whether there is some rational scientific or meterological explanation for it all, but you won't find me complaining about all this ...


  1. Very nice!

    We had a scorcher here in Florida yesterday, too, which was SO ODD. Especially after getting cool fall weather for about a week, which always makes me so happy. I'm definitely a fall/winter girl, so I actually don't prefer the warm-up. Glad you're enjoying yours, though!

    PS: I just noticed you have a VisualDNA at the bottom of your blog. Never heard of that, but I might check it out. Care to give me a preview of what it's all about first?

  2. I have to admit, I'm more of a spring/summer girl ... I love the burning colors of autumn & the crisp air, but this season here tends toward the treacherous (hurricane-force winds, heavy rain, falling trees, and all that comes with that) so it can be hard to love. Plus, we didn't get much of a summer around here this year so the bonus days of sun are more than welcome!!

    As for the Visual DNA, it's more of a fun little personality profile based on your preferences. For example, it will say something like "my music" and they'll display pictures of a orchestra in a concert hall, a band playing outdoors, listening to a CD in a quiet room, etc. and you select your preference. Not much too it really, but it's kind of fun. :o)

  3. Pretty mellow in Colorado right now, 72 and just crisp. I will take it for a few more days. supposed to snow on Saturday. Ohh what fun.

  4. SNOW??!? Yikes, that's quite a turnaround from 72 degrees. Though I do love the idea of being warm & cozy inside while the snow comes down on the outside (as long as I don't have to drive in it too much). :o)

  5. Love those sky shots. Like paintings, the textures so amazing.