21 November 2007

gratitude [a heart filled with wonder]

For friendships forged & re-forged through blogs & e-mails ...
It blows my mind that through something so manmade & intangible as the internet, people can speak to me & my heart, can connect to me with where I’m at & I to them.

For expressions of love, for prayers offered by those I’ve never met. I’m in wonder of it all.
Blessed doesn’t even begin to cover it.
My cup overflows & floods around me. May its rivulets, its streams bless others.
Across continents, state lines, though I’ve never seen some of your faces, we have here a little community that I have come to love.
For you my friends, I offer most humble thanks.
I’m certain I don’t deserve you, but are glad that you stop by all the same.
[can you imagine what it’d be like if we all got in the same room??]

For a job that challenges & stretches me, meets my financial needs, the kindest (& also most challenging) manager I could hope for, & for the space & freedom to embark upon my creative pursuits outside of that.

For my friends: for laughter & tears & silent presence over coffee, sushi, adult beverages, phone lines, or nothing at all.
I love you.

For my amazing family: for understanding, for trusting, for holding me up;
For offering arms & shoulders when I cry, for making me laugh till it hurts

For good books, amazing blogs, & music that begs to be cranked up.

For the miracle of improved health & increased energy.

For sunrises, sunsets, summer days & falling leaves.
For the ocean air, a crisp breeze, & a warm home to come to at the end of the day.
The tea I drink, the food I eat, listening the thrum of rain in the dark from the warmth of my bed.
For the unexpected bloom defiantly piercing through the sidewalk crack.
For fleece pajamas, red wine, the Starbucks drive-through, and the color green.
For mountains & birdsong, for the moon, & the neighborhood kids that wave as I go by.
For fresh seasonal vegetables, gluten-free vegan cupcakes, Castelvetrano olives, organic coconut milk ice cream, Kombucha & the infinitely amazing local Food Co-op that makes it all possible.
For Larabars, long weekends, hot baths, & sand between my toes.

For love in all its manifestations.

And to Elohim, God on High
for Yahweh
Emmanuel [God with us] …
I don’t even know where to start.
It all began with Your redeeming work on wooden crossbeams
& your work in me continues
through your Body the Church, through Your own divine & mysterious means.
You’ve used the most unexpected channels, people, & circumstances to draw me deeper into Your heart
You’ve gently led me, allowed me glimpses as Your mysteries unfurl & unfold before me,
within me;
I’m in wonder that You care for someone as small as me,
That you choose us as varied & imperfect as we are to accomplish a divine purpose.
I’m in wonder. I am thankful.
I offer you an open heart & my open hands.


  1. A beautifully descriptive offering of thanksgiving and praise! Wonderful, inspiring!!

    Now about those gluten-free vegan cupcakes..do they have frosting?

  2. Yes!! They do have some beautiful (& rather tasty) frosting. I've linked to a photo of said cupcakes on my Flickr page (you might also catch a pic in the photostream at the right). My palate has, of course, had to be tweaked somewhat lately, so I might be biased ... but I think they cool fool any cupcake-eater out there. :o)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. So thankful for you, friend, and your beautiful spirit. I'm blessed to have you in my life and to know you walk this earth!

  4. I have been craving cupcakes for the past two weeks, and now I’m REALLY craving them.

    This is a beautiful list, Kristen. I love how you show gratitude for the subtle details as well as the big things.

  5. gorgeous offering of thanks, kirsten! you have a wonderful heart... this was so uplifting to read!

    i'll reiterate what christianne said.... i'm thankful for you! the world is a more beautiful place b/c you are in it....

  6. Christianne -- You are too kind my friend! You have brought so much beauty & blessing into my life. The feeling is positively mutual.

    Chloe -- Those cupcakes were delicious! Thank goodness they're gone now. :o) And yes, we cannot forget those little things. In my mind, that's the stuff of life!

    Blue -- I'm so glad you were blessed by my little offering here. And you are going to make me cry too!! I'm so thankful for that day almost a year ago you left a comment for me. The rest (as they say) is history ... thank you for the beauty, passion, & perspective you bring to the blogging world!

  7. Ah, yes, the moon and the rain. Two of my favorite things from the hand of our Great God.

    A lovely tribute!

  8. Kirsten, I am glad to have found your blog. And I look forward to hearing what God brings your way. Blessings.

  9. Hi Suz!! I'm glad to have a new visitor here. I look forward to perusing your blogs more in depth. Weclome, & I hope you stop by again. :o)