17 December 2007

treating myself

So not only did I buy myself a snazzy new digital camera, but I stumbled upon something pretty too. I've long wanted a messenger bag since I am constantly toting armloads of stuff (planner, books, etc.) to work. Typically favoring function over form, I broke the mold when I went in search of my new bag.

Some bags were too big. Some bags were too black. Some were too masculine-looking.

This one was just right. It called to me from the computer screen -- super-cute and does the job of toting my stuff around. And what's even better is that I bought it via Etsy.com directly from the lovely gal who made it with her own two hands.

Check out more Kitty Empire goods.



    Okay, I have been looking for a messenger bag for MONTHS. I thought I would get one through Timbuk2, but it's an expensive investment and I haven't mustered up the courage. But voila!!! This is perfect and so cute.

    Congrats on the great find, and thanks for passing along the link!

    PS: Would your bag fit a laptop, do you know? Because I've been looking for one that fits my Mac and also has padding.

  2. Kirsten, don't you just LOVE etsy and all the wonderful, charming things there? I do! Lovely bag!! :)

  3. Christianne - Thanks!! Isn't that ADORABLE?! I knew it had to be mine when I saw it. I, too, was looking to go the Timbuk2 route and even had a customized bag all ready to purchase ... but just couldn't bring myself to spend the cash on it. This was just about half of what I would have paid through Timbuk2 & I love that I was able to support one woman's AMAZING talent by purchasing it. Considering it's a one of a kind, it's such a steal really.

    I have no luck with laptop bags. I had one I loved, then the shoulder strap broke. OK, I can live with that. Then the zipper broke. Crap. So, I'm not sure. But I HAVE seen laptop bags on Etsy.com specifically designed to contain a Mac, so you might want to check it out! I'll do some looking too to see if I can't find some cute ones for you!

    Suz - Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to this site, I peruse it compulsively!! This is my second purchase (I bought 2 adorable purses previously) & I couldn't be more pleased.

  4. Great new photo of you here in the comment box. The woman of many faces!

    And isn't it great to buy directly from artisans? A bit of countercultural activity in that bag there. :)

  5. Cool, Kirsten. I ended up contacting the seller directly and she said she could custom make a laptop bag for me after the holidays. So, I told Kirk that may have to be my birthday present next month! Probably the custom bag will cost about as much as a Timbuk2 bag would have cost, but I figure it would be a way better deal to get hers because it's way cuter and also supports someone in their wonderful creative business! But I will do some searching for laptop bags on Etsy, too -- great suggestion!

  6. LL - Yes, I do get restless when it comes to profile pics! Always trying to suit my mood, I am! :o)

    Isn't it sad that buying directly from the artisans is counter-cultural? The gifts under my tree this year were either made by me or purchased from an artisan. I love that I can have a small part in supporting that.

    Christianne - Yeay!! I'm excited to hear that you're getting a custom laptop bag that will no doubt be uber-cute! I do expect pics of the lovely item when you get it.

    In searching for laptop bags, I found one on Etsy that matches exactly the fabric of a purse I purchased on Etsy (from a totally different seller). That might be over the top, but the instant recognition made me squeal. :o)

  7. That bag is so super cute! I would love to have one that is shaped like a tote. Wonder if she can do that. I love the colors and the pattern and the cute little birdie.

  8. That bag is so super cute! I would love to have one that is shaped like a tote. Wonder if she can do that. I love the colors and the pattern and the cute little birdie.