04 March 2008

for judy {spicy quinoa & lentils}

NOTE: The content of this post is now lives here.

I'll be back right after a reserve myself a room in the nearest space with padded walls. :o)


  1. uhh, maybe you should be writing a cook book instead of a book? That sounds good. A little long for my weekday cooking, but I think I will pick up a few things and have at it this weekend.

    I am starting a detox diet, basically no gluten/dairy for several weeks. This looks good!

  2. (So, if writing a regular book doesn't work out and writing a cookbook flops, too, you should definitely be a food photographer. My brother-in-law worked for a marketing company and food photographers are in high demand. Your photo is as good as any ad I've seen!)

    Wow. . . I'm not gluten-free, dairy-free, or anything-else-free, but this meal looks too tempting to pass up. Too bad I can't find these ingredients here in Asia. Maybe I'll save this recipe to try when I get back to the US.

  3. Well, here's a post I wasn't expecting! You clearly are a woman of many talents. Given that I've gone off animals again this looks like something we may just need to try.

    Take care.

  4. carl - doing a cookbook for folks with food allergies like me is something i definitely have a heart for!! sharing recipes & pictures of all this yummy food!! fun.

    good luck with your diet!! let us know how it goes, eh? ;o)

    rebecca - really? that is good news. i actually love taking pictures of food. it is so much fun for me. i think i took at least 10 snaps of this particular dish.

    it's unfortunate those ingredients [humor point: i just typed "ungredients"] are hard to come by there. i think you'd like it though ... pretty yummy!!

    dean - i love cooking; something i play at really and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. when i was on the modified elimination diet, i was in desperate need of good food, so i came up with a bunch of stuff on my own.

    i'm slowly weaning myself off animal products too, but often enjoy this as a completely vegan dish. if you get a chance to try it, i hope you & lorna enjoy!! ;o)

  5. oh, this is so fun. and looks MUY DELICIOSO!! i'm with rebecca -- become a food photographer on the side of your writing life! or any kind of photographer because, girl, you've got the gift.

    well, i was surprised when i clicked on the comments and saw carl's suggestion that you write a cookbook. i thought, "oh! of course!" because in my mind, the furthest i went is "hmmm . . . looks like it is time for blog #3!" heh-heh. :)

    but seriously, this looks SO YUMMY. i am hungry right now for it. i turned the screen around to show kirk, and i was like, "we are so making this happen." hee hee!

    you've got me all up in giggles and sillies right now. i am sure it has something to do with your wonderfulness.

  6. yummy, but i'll need you to come and fix it for me. there's way too many steps here and i usually don't cook if it involves anything more complicated than boiling water. you won't mind coming to minnesota to whip me up a batch would you?

  7. christianne - i think you & kirk would really enjoy this. it really is quite easy & i've seen your skills in the kitchen; you can TOTALLY do this girl.

    and yeah. blog #3 has crossed my mind too ... 'twould be fun!!

    and hooray for giggles & sillies!!

    terri - what time is dinner? i'm there. ;o)

  8. I love quinoa. My family, not so much.

  9. YUM! I'm totally whipping up a batch of this and I'll share with you Terri (you can have Rob's portion ; ) just don't tell Kirsten ... cos we want her here
    (looks like a front runner rubio alternative entree if i have any say so!)

  10. oh yay!!! a sister that can cook! my dream come true! ha... you should get a cooking show sissy!

  11. l.l. - unfortunate that your family does not enjoy it. clearly, i love the stuff!

    di - hoorah for alternative entrees! i'll need 'em! ;o) and seriously, i'll come & cook it for you sometime ...

    danny - seriously, bro. i'd love to cook for you sometime. the kitchen is just one of the places i play. come hungry.

  12. oh oh...padded walls? i call dibs on the room next to yours.

  13. So you have reservation in the suite of padded room hotel. Yep i am right behind ya. i will probably end up in the boiler room. My current state of mind is, how do i say........well it sucks!!!!!!!!

    I could say that maybe wading through a sewer would describe my last few days since i feel like i am up to my ears in @#%$&!!!

    Not only do i have a split personality now i have spiritual bi-polar. One minute i am high next minute i feel like the whole world pissed in my cheerios and i am cussing everything that moves especially traffic.

    Now why does it feel like every moving vehicle on the road has a personal conspiracy and vehement vengeance against me? Why does my little car turn into a tank in my mind when I am in a pissy mood?

    Why is it that the police all of a sudden become like moving targets ? I hope they have anger management classes in the padded room hotel.

    One would ask, "Tammy are you frustrated?" NO! Have you ever had fantasies of driving over Barney? Right in the middle of that stupid i love you, you love me song? Picture Barney's nose being ground into the pavement. Tire tracks across that big purple ass, sorry for that foul language.

    So what else shall i say to that?

    Well i just scrolled down to see Terri's comment about reserving a room, dear god we may as well all pile in together.