11 May 2008

making plans

February 6 - 24, 2009

Sis & I are taking a trip to Ireland.


  1. That picture is absolutely stunning!!! I can't wait to soo the pics that you bring back with you. I really don't want to wait until February and it's all about me....right?

  2. well, if your plane gets diverted to zurich, hop off and come see us cos that's where we'll be living. just spent a week looking for houses, schools, etc. it's been hectic. at the airport now. will catch up with you and the many posts i've missed once we're back in CPT.

  3. awesome! what's funny is my most recent pic on my blog is from my backpacking trip to ireland i took when i was 20. you'll love it! i wish my sis had been along when i went..... it would have made it even more meaningful.

  4. I make a good baggage porter, just so you know. And ohh, look my schedule is open in Februrary!

    sounds like fun.

  5. I'm so jealous, it's so beautiful there. I've always wanted to go there - but mainly that's just becuause I'd be surrounded by accents!

    I know you'll have a great time!

  6. hooray!!!

    i'm so excited for you two. i just know you'll have a grand and blessed time. the irish are the most friendly people in all of God's creation, i will maintain until my dying day. they're so sweet, and their land is the greenest, lushest, most dazzling on earth.

    sigh. can i come, too?? :)

  7. Take lots of pics and tell lots of stories for those of us unlucky fellows.

  8. The Cliffs of Moher **sigh** They are more beautiful in person than the pictures even capture. A photograph can't recreate the crisp wind on your face or the salty air tingling your lips. I can't believe it's been 8 years since I was there!

    I keep telling Josh that I'd love to take him to the British Isles. Perhaps we can meet you there! =)

    You will have a wonderful time and probably won't want to come back. If you take up abode in a cozy Irish cottage, at least your blog name will still work =)

  9. what a gorgeous view of the land and the sea. Oh to walk along that grassy cliff. that would be so cool.. Peace as your plan your journey to Ireland.


  10. ilse - we are so excited!!

    caleb - someday soon i'll bring back pics of my own. i think i'll need to take several memory cards!

    dean - we'll be that much closer geographically. it's tempting to try & do everything. i'll certainly let you know if i'll be heading your way.

    blue - your pic was breathtaking, very stilling. and we can't wait to go!! with our different personalities, it should be interesting!!

    carl - it's amazing hwo generous our friends have been; so many have offered to manage our luggage!! maybe we could have a raffle or something ... ?? ;o)

    beccadink - hello! i've seen you over at jules' blog of course. hearing all the wonderful accents is something i'm definitely looking forward to. and the scenery, of course!! ;o)

    christianne - i'm so excited to be going & it would be wonderful if you could be there too!! i look forward to going to this beautiful & welcoming place firsthand.

    heather - taking lots of pics is definitely a given. i think i might need several memory cards, in fact!

    becca - your description makes me want to hop on the plane right now!! i can't wait to breathe in that air myself, to place myself as near the edge the cliff as i can stand. and i would LOVE to meet you there!!

    scott - we'll see how close i get to the edge of that cliff with my fear of heights!!

  11. how exciting! i think my sister and I are going to go to london next May (2009). :) aren't sisters the best?

  12. AHHHH!!! that looks and sounds absolutely amazing!!! i'm excited for you and your sissy! :)

  13. i'm really happy for you, but i hope this won't impact your plans to visit minnesota. ;)

  14. suz - i agree, sisters make terrific travel companions!! we're so excited. and your trip sounds amazing too!! my brother lived in england for a year and said that it would be easy to spend two weeks in london alone. happy planning!!

    danny - thanks for stopping by, i've missed you!! i've been sooooper busy which is why i'm posting stuff like this. ;o) sis & i are excited!!

    terri - it'll take more than a trip to ireland to stymie my plans to come to minnesota (which is just barely below ireland on my list of places to visit in the coming year). i did say i'd come cook for you, didn't i? ;o)

  15. Oh! Wow! Can't wait to see your pictures... always beautiful, always a window into your soul.

  16. What FUN!! Do I fit in your suitcase? You know, I've never seen Ireland...

  17. l.l. - i can't wait to come back with my own photos from this trip!!

    sarah - i've had so many offers for luggage porters, it's wonderful how generous my friends are. with all that help, i'm sure carrying a stowaway would be no problem at all!

  18. Try the chocolate, just regular grocery-store chocolate. It's amazing.