14 May 2008

spring is a girl

blossoms & chain link

you little flirt.
Twirling petal skirts
unfurling tender greens
baby pinks curling.

Playing coy,
you peep over your shoulder
to see if I am looking.

{kirsten, may 2008}

pink blossoms photo by kirsten.michelle


  1. This makes me want to dance. I love dancing and twirling.

  2. oh my goodness! did you write this? amazing. the photo along with the poem...you see things girl. you see things that other people miss. love you...

  3. I love it! Did you write that?

    I have the perfect book for you to publish. . . a literature meets visual arts book with your photography combined with your poetry and prose.

    BTW: what kind of camera do you have?

  4. heather - me too!! the weather has not been permitting here lately, but i can't wait to go out in my new orange skirt, which is perfect for dancing & twirling.

    terri - thank you, friend. i did write the little poem; i've edited the post now to reflect that.

    and i'm not sure what to say about seeing things. i guess when you're sitting as still as we are, it's easier to pay attention to the details. ;o)

    rebecca - i did write that! and i love your book idea!! ever since i first read your comment, i've been dreaming up in my head what that book might look like ... and i love it!!

    thanks for the idea. ;o)

  5. i love it, too. spring, you little flirt, twirling petal skirts . . . this little poem is going to run through my mind all day. it makes me smile. and it makes me want to twirl, too.

  6. christianne - glad to hear it makes you smile! spring certainly is playing coy around here; she keeps teasing us!!

    oh & rebecca, i nearly forgot:
    this is my camera

    i can't believe some of the shots i get with a little point & shoot. this is my second HP camera & i've got nothing but good things to say about them.

  7. hey! oh my goodness again! i am looking. i am seeing. twirling petal skirts! i love it!!! you cute little flirt. papa is especially fond of you, you know.

  8. Spring, what is that? Still in the dregs of cold and Snow in Colorado.

    I am in San Diego today, high is 96. yup, Spring has sprung here I guess.

  9. yes! i love it! look at you, miss poet, coming out of your shell.....

  10. di - you are so sweet! i love twirling petal skirts & bask in papa's love.

    caleb & danny - thanks, my friends!!

    carl - ugh, sorry to hear about colorado. but san diego is sounding rather balmy!! hoorah for warmth!!

    blue - thanks, friend. that means a lot coming from you!!

  11. Like a breath of fresh air!!! And quite cheeky :-0)
    Love this...and can see you dance and twirl in fields of blossoms..xx

  12. O so true!! -- at least for me, it awakens the little girl in me, who wants to run and jump and play and dance. :)

  13. The picture is beautiful . . . the poem even more so. How simple . . . how profound.

    Miss you.

  14. I love that!

    Thanks for bringing a smile to me.

    I need it right about now . . .

  15. periwinkle - dance away, my friend!!

    suz - let's get a dance party going!!

    nathan - thank you. i miss you as well.

    dave - glad i could bring a smile to your day!!

  16. Oh wow, what a gorgeous poem. I'm jealous!