08 September 2008

in which she waxes medical

Thank you, friends, for coming alongside me in this place. "Thank you" sounds utterly pathetic in proportion to the love, prayers, words, and shoulders you've offered me, not just today, but over the course of the past year and a half. I'd rather not be morose and something I dislike only slightly more is putting said morose-ness in this space.

I have so many thoughts zooming about in my brain about how beautiful the Body of Christ is, about how He whispers to me so quietly in these spaces sometimes, and about how much I am looking forward to the resurrection (Creation restored!! A working body, YIPPEE!!). I've got symptoms and root causes on the brain and already have a few ideas of how I could write about that. I'm thinking about God's presence, about the enemy's assault on our souls, and about the myriad of lessons being embedded and burned into me right now. Those will be forthcoming, I am sure.

I have an update, so I wanted to share. I'd just like to say that I have the best naturopath in the world. I called today and spoke with Tracy the wonder-office manager who, incidentally, has known me since birth and also (because she is so terrifically engaging) knows my woes as well as my naturopath does. I explained what was going on: ever since changing my thyroid regimen, there's been a domino effect. Everything else was falling out of line (not surprising since, where many important aspects of health are concerned, the thyroid is running the show). So the message was relayed and I discussed options with the good doctor.

Without getting into the gory details, several things have been terribly off since my thyroid started getting back in shape. Or should I say: the last time my thyroid started getting back in shape. Where thyroids are concerned, I'm pretty sure I've got the wackiest one in town. It's dangerously down. It's up way too high. It's down again, but not too bad. It's up, way way too high. And it's starting to take a dive again. The most recent blood work (taken a week ago) confirms the thyroid hormones are trying to see just how low they might go. The antibodies are still present (boo!!), but the good news is that those numbers are dropping.


This is where the awesome naturopath comes into play. Since the supplement I took the first time that worked so well eventually sent things sky high and scary was obviously not an option, we are opting to take advantage of modern medicine. I have a new prescription that is designed to regulate this very moody thyroid of mine and will follow up with Dr. W in 2-3 weeks. If it works like we're hoping it does: the scary weight gain will cease and desist, I'll feel a rebound in my energy, and these other things that are out of line as a result will follow suit.

There are two things that impressed me about my naturopath today:

1. He didn't question the wisdom I have about my own body. He asked me my thoughts on what was happening. How many doctors do this? We've been working together on my thyroid for about two years now and when I told him that all these things fell out of order with the most recent regimen change, he didn't question it. Having been to my fair share of doctors who think I don't have a clue, this was a breath of fresh air and is one of the reasons I keep going to him.

2. He prescribed an honest-to-God synthetic prescription medication as treatment this time around (and it's something that is known well for being an effective treatment). It would have been great if more natural remedies were working, but they just weren't working with my specific set of circumstances and challenges. Having witnessed the occasional raised eyebrow from some medical doctors when they hear I'm seeking treatment from a naturopath, I genuinely appreciate it when health professionals (no matter their branch) don't get so sidelined into thinking that their specialty is The Only and Holy Way of Health that they won't explore the wider array of options available for treatment. It helps affirm for me that I'm in partnership with someone who has my best interests in mind.

So that's where I'm at. And I just realized this might be one of the most mundane posts ever written, but I think I'm going to post it anyway (she says with a grin).

Love to you, and many thanks again.


  1. Not mundane at all . . . and HOORAH!! that a new pathway to a healthy thyroid seems to be on the way!!! Here's to a healthy thyroid (clink, clink of the Red Light District drink). :)

  2. applauding your neuropath for knowing you know yourself better than anyone and i am struck by the thought that he is actually tapping into something higher and wiser that transcends both of you that is more than a gestalt of two but of three...being infused with that which is active no matter what our beliefs....i believe you've tapped into the mind of Christ He knows.

  3. Yay for healthy thyroids!! And for you naturopath--doctors who listen are grand. Oh, and it was the Red Light Special ;)

  4. christianne - you made me laugh with the beverage reference ... my oh my!! and hoorah!! it's so great to know i have not reached the end of my treatment options. that is GREAT news indeed. :o)

    di - the naturopath is a first-class champ in my book and a great person to partner with in my (seemingly never-ending) quest for good health. it's such a relief to be given credit for the deep knowing you can have about your own internal goings-on, about observing patterns, and so on. yes, the mind of Christ!!

    sarah - i agree, hoorah!! and with the drink references again, oh my. :o)

  5. Hope you are starting to feel better - and know that you are an awesome lady :)

  6. I pray that you are feeling better today. Okay - embarrassing self-admission: while I have not been feeling well lately (just ordinary, run of the mill, sinus issues), I have been watching alot of House on TV (thanks to Tivo and a recent House marathon). I don't know if the sinuses are causing brain issues, but I several times have found myself wrestling with the desire to take my and my loved ones' medical problems to Dr. House. Sure, he is a jerk, but he always finds the answer. So, I think to myself would I be able to deal with said jerkyness if it meant getting the proper treatment and leaving well. Then, I remember that Dr. House does not exist. He finds the answer only because some writers sitting in a room somewhere knew the answer when they started the script. And for a moment, I sit confused. Maybe I should lay off the Benedryl. =)

    Love ya, girl. I hope you are able to get a good laugh from my inablitly to distinguish reality and fantasy. And for a good dose of reality, I am off to move the laundry over.

  7. I've re-read this a few times and can hear the optimism in your voice, and I can see God's fingerprints all over the place. I feel for you, as Mr. 23 has similar issues with her thyroid. (which, incidentally,is NOT in the thigh)

    Good things are happening, Kirsten.

    What a journey this has been for you. Praying for this issue to be resolved, for your healing and for your mind not to waver from His faithfulness and care in your life.

    With you.

  8. No, not mundane. For it concerns your very life. Which is precious, lovely, bold.