08 September 2008


I'm in this place again. Turns out the relief was short-lived and I am back where I started.


Add a failed laptop power cord (can't even turn the thing on), some very creepy guys who think they're all that and a bag of chips (do I have to deal with this right now?), a gaping hole where a really cute cat should be (I miss how he would cozy up my lap when I read a book), and some seriously misplaced hope into the mix and you have one very tired and emotionally volatile woman. If I could figure out how to do it, I'd infinitely prefer to run away. But I can't, so here I am.

And that's about all I've got.


  1. Can I say first of all that I absolutely love the fact that you said frack. (Did I know that you watch BG?)
    On to serious stuff. I think you should take a day off, go to an art museum, and soak it all in.

  2. *sigh* I'm so sorry to hear it Kirsten. Praying...

  3. As one member of the real and physical Body of Christ that walks this earth, I am doing my best to hold you up from falling from where I sit, 3000 miles away. It's too far, but the physical presence of Christ is here, even if the mystical presence of Christ is dim and unfelt.

  4. [silently offers shoulder to lean on]

  5. Ah.... You've been heard. And that is all I can offer, maybe even mostly what God offers. I hope it helps.

  6. I just stopped by once more to say that here, in these comments, is the physical Body of Christ made evident. Sarah stands with you, Heather offers solidarity, Jodi offers intercession, I offer my friendship, LL offers her shoulder, and Joelle offers her ears.

  7. I offer my ninja services for the creepy guys... yeah I got skills (think Napoleon Dynamite here) and can relieve you of one stress, just e-mail me the names.

    Now, seriously I am praying for you sister. May the God of creation give you better health soon.

    Be blessed my friend, and rest.

  8. sarah - i am proud to stand with you. love you ...

    heather - he he. sometimes i use the word "frack" so unconsciously i forget its origins. thanks for the reminder ... and for the suggestion. beauty is its own answer, isn't it.

    jodi - thank you. i hate that i've been so morose when you've come by here to visit. thank you so much for your loving prayers.

    christianne - it is no small wonder that in spite of the distance, the connection is deep and real. the body if Christ is here and it is what sustains me. no doubt about it.

    i love what you shared about how every person offers a different piece, all of which i (we) need. thank you, Jesus.

    l.l. - i gladly lean my head upon said shoulder. thank you for offering it (i hope i don't get your shirt too wet).

    joelle - that means a lot. even if i don't know what it means, i know there's heaps of love in it. thank you.

    carl - i'll send you an e-mail with the names and addresses; maybe we can take those bags of chips these guys supposedly come with and munch on them afterwards. thank you for the healthy wishes. i hope you are well and am praying for you & amy and the far scarier health issues you are facing!

    everybody now ... GROUP HUG!!

  9. Just hiding down here to broach an off-topic thing. You'll see that I just posted something called "Random Acts of Poetry." I still remember that beautiful poem you wrote... I know you have it in you! I also know I'd be willing to recommend your work to be featured (I can do that). But first you'd have to join. Pop on over to see what I mean. I hope you'll consider. Also, I'm thinking that your photography might be featured too. How I'd love to see that!!