26 September 2008

shadows & light

Each of the options before me makes my heart ache, to tell you the truth.

the road ahead

But I still have to choose which path -- each with its own unique pattern of shadows and light -- will be my path.

the path ahead photo by kirsten.michelle


  1. Your lovely heart...I ache for it...

  2. Aching with you. May your decisions be clear, and the path open up before you.

  3. I got shivers (the good kind) when I read that last part of wondering which path you will choose to be your path.

    This is such a scary point, isn't it, making a decision that will determine a course of life. In making these decisions, we inevitably are choosing against a host of other paths we could potentially have. Honestly, such a thought sometimes frightens me. What if I don't choose well? What if I lock myself out of a life I might actually have wanted and loved? What if I've closed the door completely on something that I later wish I'd chosen?

    It's so hard to accept that we can't know those things when we make the decisions we make. We can only make decisions with the information we have at the moment. But it's helpful for me to be reminded that God is going to be with us no matter which path we choose.

    Love you, girl. Thinking of you often today.

  4. Yes, I agree. Paths exist as they did for several key Biblical examples in how Jesus led his life and the events of his family and advisors to him when He grew up.
    Paths also exist in the poem by Robert Frost on the path taken. They are part of the maze of life.

    Paths lead to a depth of life. Just as Jonah landed in the belly of a big fish to transport him to where he needed to go. Paths are designed to move us toward God. We just need to follow.

    I like the quote of Nouwen of how love is the key to life.

  5. I am smiling at God's beautiful and well-timed affirmation. In the wee hours of this morning, I returned to something I wrote years ago. At that time I thought it was for someone else ... no. As I reread this truth in the covering of predawn light all these years later, I realize that the gift has been waiting patiently for me. Perhaps, Kirsten, there is a gift for you in these words too.

    Father Son and Holy Spirit

    They are the breath
    rising and falling upon your path
    the Chorus of a Whisper
    calling forth your inner knowing
    as the answer to all questions
    buried deep within your bones
    carries you,
    as by a soft inner wind,
    to your becoming.

    Inside the aching there is something that wants to speak to you.


  6. l.l. - i love that you love the shadows. i have a hard time loving them -- i like them best when i look over my shoulder at them.

    sarah - thank you, friend. it is good to know i must not be alone in this.

    carl - thank you, thank you. i'm not sure about clarity, but decisions must be made nonetheless. which path will it be??

    christianne - isn't that something that God gives us the dignity of choosing? that's fairly amazing, isn't it?

    that is so good to remember, what you said: that He will be with us in whatever choice we make.

    anon - what gifts you have for peering inside my soul. inside the aching: maybe, just maybe ... there is my answer. thank you for your presence here. those words resonate.