29 September 2008

cemetery walks in autumn

It's not often that we get crisp autumn days and sun around here. Because I had some new photo-editing software demanding that I play with it, I was compelled to go for a walk with my camera yesterday.

Happy autumn!

P.S. This is post #200 on lattes & rainy days. Whoo-hoo!!

cemetery/autumn photos by kirsten.michelle


  1. Whoa! These must have been amazing to come upon in the cemetery. I'm especially struck by the headless cherub (at least, that's how it appeared to me!) and the woman bending over holding her hair (again, that's at least what it appears to be from this vantage point).

    My favorite, though, is the one of yellow leaves. Very fall-ish!

    And happy 200th post, friend! So glad to have been with you on a majority of this journey in blogland. Love you and thinking of you much these days.

  2. 200! wooooohooooo, baby!

  3. 200! Congratulations. I've enjoyed every post =)

    So, what camera do you use? Your pictures are always gorgeous. Of course, I'm sure the photographer has quite a bit to do with the quality. Do you put the photos up untouched, or do they take a trip through photoshop first?

  4. happy 200th!

    i absolutely love all the textures and moods. the second pic is my favorite. and look at all those tenacious and beautiful lichens clinging to the bare stone. reminds me of someone i know.

  5. Gorgeous pictures, Kirsten! Cemeteries are one of my favorite places to take pictures. :)

  6. christianne
    it sounds like some of the same things struck us. i don't know what it is about cemeteries (during the daytime, of course. no way i'm going there at night!!), but there is a kind of beauty in these kinds of things: accepting the decay of the natural world. there is a kind of beauty to that brokenness, isn't there? maybe it points to something more?

    (ah, here i go working out new thoughts outside myself!!) ;o)

    i love you, friend. missing you ...

    i couldn't believe it either!! what fun. ;o)

    i use a photosmart R837 by HP. it's pretty inexpensive, but it's taken some fantastic shots & is very intuitive and easy to use. i most definitely use photo processing software: i'm using one by Corel & then Picnik, which is through Flickr for a mere $25 US per year. not too shabby!!

    i've been loving your pics of annabelle, too!! what kind of camera are you using?

    thank you, sister!! that second shot is my favorite too ... it's actually the wallpaper for my computer at work now (to remind me to live creatively & artistically). it's been such fun to play with my camera (and to play with my words, of course).

    and wow. thank you for the comment about lichens. i see someone i know there, too.

    hi!! they're one of my faves too -- especially on gorgeous days like we're having now. thanks for stopping by. ;o)

  7. So glad I "found" you. These photos are stunning. I'm always amazed at what photographers see with their lenses that I miss with my eyes.

  8. Wow! Kirsten, you are so talented. These pictures are gorgeous.

  9. Wow...I love cemeteries (remind me, and sometime I'll tell you the story about walking around in one at 10 o'clock at night with a priest looking for an unmarked grave...). You got some awesome shots from this one.

    I love the woman bending over and the leaves, like Christianne. Such moving shots, though they move me in totally different directions ;)

    Love you...and let me tell you, you look young for 200.

  10. Man Kirsten you guys and your cameras. amazing what you all do with pictures.

  11. Fall is here...love the subject matter and the snaps, Kirsten..truly one of my favorite places to make pictures.

    (I was gonna say, I lichen these photos very much, but will just leaf that comment out.)

  12. beautiful pics. love what you've captured here.

  13. Oh, the leaves! I could look at them forever.

    And the statue... the one where she's lying down. Really, really nice.