01 October 2008

a new space

Before you all decide I need an intervention, I hope that you'll introduce yourself to my new baby. This is something that's been gestating for a time, and now it's time to share her with the blogworld.

Click on the image to take a visit.

{P.S. I hope the people in white coats will be nice to me.}


  1. as a pastor i can visit you and i don't even need to pay attention to the visiting hours. and i get free parking. see you soon.

  2. yay!!! i love it. and you're not crazy.

  3. Two is going to be tough. However, I like it here best. Rainy days and Lattes is so Washington and I like Washington.


  4. Hey Kirsten
    I have lost my drive and passion for singleness of heart, but it makes me cry when i see someone who has caught a glimpse of it.

    I am sitting here crying and trying to type. Kirsten there are things that God has shown me about being single that i will never (outside of the holy spirit deal strongly with me) tell.

    Several years ago God took me to a place and opened up a whole world to me about that, it is intensely deep and really hard to swallow unless God has given you that gift.

    Girl you light a fresh fire in me at times, it seems that the shit that i go through steals it from me though. I know that is my own fault.

    Kirsten, if you have ever heard a word that i have said hear this you have stepped into a mystery that you do not yet realize the power of where it could take you.

    To see me now you would never believe that i even know God, but i am telling you there was a time in my life when i truly walked with God, and i know the power behind what you are saying.

    Dammit! I am so lost, and numb, toward God but when i hear your voice on this subject it tears my heart out of the frame.

  5. thanks to everyone that has stopped by the new space. i know i've got my hands in a lot of spaces. i know your time is valuable, so thanks investing a bit of that in my words. i'm humbled & i really appreciate it. thanks for offering your encouragement and feedback.

    i think perhaps i can better acquire some focus now!! :o)

  6. MWAH!

    I'm so proud of you!!

    PS: That was the sound of me giving you a big, fat kiss on your cheek. Here's another one for the top of your head: MWAH!!!

  7. christianne, you are just too darn cute!! thanks for the hugs & kisses ...

    MWAH!! right back atcha, babe!! ;o)