07 October 2008

the last lecture

You never would have known he was dying of pancreatic cancer. But Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University lived for less than a year after giving this lecture.

A friend let me know about this lecture when we found that we were both facing circumstances that had us questioning: What about something else? What about venturing out and finally doing what I really want to do?

The Last Lecture
is part graduation speech and part passing on life wisdom as a father would to his children. It's long -- just over 76 minutes -- but I think that anyone might find some truth to challenge and inspire no matter what unfulfilled childhood dreams and aspirations still hide in the deepest parts of you.

But that's just my opinion; you can decide for yourself.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

P.S. Di was wonderful enough to point me to an abbreviated version of the video here (about 10 minutes). Thanks, Di!!


  1. When I first saw this about a year ago it was challenging, made me cry... all that stuff..

    There is a book he wrote out now. I recommend reading it.

  2. wow. i watched his oprah show a while back but this is even better.

    i had thought the book was a transcript of one of his speeches. is it different? then i should check it out.

    thanks for sharing, kirsten...truly, these are good words.