06 March 2009

ireland #4

looking toward grafton street, canon 40d
from st. stephen's green
dublin, ireland
10 february 2009

photo by kirsten.michelle
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  1. That looks just like the park in the beginning of "Once." Is it? I can't even begin to wrap my mind around all the beauty you've just seen!! What a lovely opportunity to travel to Ireland!!! Memories for a lifetime. peace. Suz.

  2. Mmmm ... I'm loving the colors and sharp lines in this post, as well as the arch and the blue, blue sky. Yay for Grafton Street! I'm wearing a necklace right now, even, that I purchased there. :)

  3. hi suz!! that is exactly the place from the opening scene in "once." i love that movie & am actually watching it right now. ;o) he is playing on grafton street and then they run into st. stephen's green.

    christianne, this was the *most* beautiful day to be out - so vivid and beautiful!!

  4. Yes! Recognized this from Once, too! Awesome movie!!!! Way cool that you were actually THERE!