06 July 2009

married life*

Probably the most common question I've been asked over the last six weeks is: So ... how is married life?

The question, though simple enough, has a loaded and somewhat complex answer. There are a lot of things I could say about it, most of which are answers you would expect. It's challenging. Sanctifying. Humbling. Revealing of my character, my fears, my doubts, my insecurities. I'm more in love than I was six weeks ago. I've cried a lot. I'm even more certain I married the one person on the planet who is right for me, for whom God made me. Yeah ... it's good. Really, really good.

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

There is a lot more I could say -- I could spend some serious time expanding on any one of those thoughts. But for now, I'll leave you with a pic (of course!!) and a quote from one of my favorite authors that just about sums it up perfectly:

I love you -- I am at rest with you -- I have come home.

Dorothy Sayers
Busman's Honeymoon

kirsten & james
taken by kaari
june 26, 2009
Canon 40D

I love my James.


  1. I SO copied that very quote out of that very book just last spring. And it's perfect.

    I'm so glad to know people who live and love like you do.

  2. Ahhh. This post makes me happy. I breathe a deep sigh and am glad. You both look so happy and at peace in that photo. Your smile is brilliant and pops off the screen.

    That's a great quote from our Sayers-lady! It makes me think of what I tell Kirk when I snuggle up into the nook of his arm and shoulder when we're lying in bed: "This is my favorite place to be in the whole entire world. This is home."

  3. Collective "ah." ;)
    Chris and I say the same thing--being together is being home.
    Married life definitely has its challenges, and I've learned more about my selfishness and insecurities than any other time in life, but it's the most glorious thing, too!
    Of course, we have it easy with the men we have to love. And I have to say Chris does a much better job of loving sacrificially than I do.

  4. Well said, well said Kirsten!

    After 8 years of marriage, I think the answer remains the same, yet the context grows deeper and deeper with more profound nuances after each year develops.

    Here's to you guys many many many more years together!!!

  5. sarah
    that quote is so perfect, isn't it? thanks for living & loving the way you do, too.

    happy and at peace describes it well. we have so much to be thankful for -- Jesus continues to grace us in such beautiful and amazing ways.

    mmm ... snuggling next to the one who is home. makes me want to rush to his side and do the same!!

    yes, indeed. aaah!! you're so right about learning about selfishness and insecurities -- i'm learning about those with james in a way that is positively unparalleled for me. james definitely does a better job of loving sacrificially than me, so these men of ours have that in common.

    i figured as much -- deeper, more nuanced, etc. sounds good to me. i'll take it!!

  6. Kirsten! Am joyfully thankful with you that God is Good in this specific way--bringing a good man to walk with you. Peace, friend!

  7. This: "I love my James" sums it up better still.

  8. Home. Welcome home, dear Kirsten! I smile for you....