04 August 2009

six months ago today ...

... I nearly fell out of bed when I received the following message:

I like you ... a lot ... and by like I mean adore ... and by adore I mean adore completely ... and by adore completely I mean I love you ... and by I love you I mean I'm in love with you ... and by I'm in love with you I mean I would give my life to you ... and by I would give my life to you I mean if you don't marry me then please throw a 4-wheeler back on top of me and leave it there.

4 February 2009

My mind reels that this came to me just six months ago. It seems we've loved each other always. Here is to many more months of loving the one I adore completely ...

Kirsten & James
Married since May 23, 2009
Photo by Jen Fox Photography


  1. What a blessing this was after my umpteenth call to my insurance company (gotta love that great American health care). I love the way you love each other . . . I also love your new header, but in an entirely different way ;)

  2. Awww! :)

    I can hardly believe it was just six months ago, either! And I love that feeling of it being like you've loved each other forever. I can so relate, and it's an astounding sensation, isn't it?

    You two are cutie pies. :)

  3. yup. your single gal days are over. they are part of your journey. they are part of who you are, but now it is a new day. :)

  4. Oh I remember these tender, surprising beginnings. Deep joy! Blessings on your marriage...