02 November 2009

because he was right

As most of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time know, I'm pretty excited about photography. I would love it if this could become a way of bringing in some income. Toward that end, I recently started posting my work to RedBubble, an online community where artists can share their work, receive feedback from other artists, and sell their pieces through a variety of media.

I didn't go in naively expecting that in joining RedBubble, I'd find myself with more money than I knew what to do with (though I would not have objected were this the case). I was spoiled when, in my very first upload to the site, one of my pieces was featured and got a lot of attention (408 views and 8 favoritings at last check). It hasn't been quite that easy since. I upload photos that I think are fabulous, but the number of views these pieces garner doesn't reflect that the RedBubble community holds the same opinion.

Sigh. Harumph.

James has long maintained (not without some bias, I think) that I should work on perfecting the art of self-portraiture and share it with the world. You're the most beautiful thing they're going to see, he says. I admit I rolled my eyes in response to this at least once. I like self-portraits, but isn't that a little narcissistic to ask people to view and potentially buy them? But I agreed to give it a try for the first time this past weekend (with only a smidge of reluctance).

And guess who ate her words?

Yep, that would be me.

redbubble feature

I got a text message from the man himself this morning telling me my work had been featured in a group for users of Canon DSLRs. While it's not featured on the featured page, it's still getting more attention than anything since my first upload.

Huh. Go figure.

the depths of the heart

And to think: I put a cheap department store scarf from Ireland on my head, snapped a few shots in my living room, did a bit of post-processing, and all of the sudden I'm RedBubble famous (er ... RedBubble Canon DSLR group famous, that is).

I guess I'll take that.


  1. Nice! And congrats! Your photos deserve so much more attention than that!

    I loved those photos when I saw them on Flickr, by the way. RedBubble, huh? I'll have to check it out.

  2. Wahoo!!!! Soulful shot. Love it. Love you!!!

  3. Congratulations, Kirsten! I saw this portrait you took over the weekend when I was scrolling through your most recent Flickr uploads. So gorgeous! And soulful. It makes me think of Mary.

  4. And your famous because it is a lovely photograph!
    Pilgrim (RedBubble cofounder)

  5. You go girl!
    That pic is surely beautiful... :)

  6. Oh, Kristen. So enchanting.
    And I agree with Christianne, I thought of Mary.
    And what a testament to your love that you were able to trust with something that means so much to you.

  7. Doesn't hurt that James is right, you are beautiful (beauty which I think must radiate from the inside).

    If you're in the mood to take ideas, I love rocking chairs, but I never seem to see them featured in photos or paintings.

  8. dig the perspective in ur shots. have u thot of doing a series of candids at a particular location?

  9. Thank you, all for your kind comments!! I appreciate your feedback and encouragement.