28 December 2009

this is a first for me

One of my photos made it to Flickr's Explore page!!

front page

For those of you scratching your heads and saying, huh?, Flickr Explore is a page of the top 500 interesting photos uploaded to Flickr on a given day. 500 may seem like a huge number, but keep in mind that the number of photos uploaded by Flickr users across the globe numbers an average of 3 million on a daily basis. So to be in the top 500 is saying something.

Nobody really knows the precise things that land a photo into a particular position on Flickr Explore. It has to do with how many views and how quickly you get them and where they come from, how many comments and favorites you get and the timeframe within which those are posted, the number of groups in which you've placed your photo (too many groups = a very bad idea), and who knows what else. All these things can change your ranking as well.

Like I said, it's complicated. It involves algorithms and things far above and beyond my expertise.

on the frozen green {explored}

As of right now, my photo is ranked #31. This could change (when I woke up this morning, it was #291), but for my first explored photo, this is HUGE.

And it humbles the heck out of me.

UPDATE @ 11:24 PST
The photo is now at #4. Holy moly!!

Photo by kirsten.michelle
Available for sale on RedBubble


  1. CONGRATS!!! That's awesome. And I love the photo, too!

  2. Wow, #4!! That's awesome!! It is a very pretty photo too! Your pictures are all great. I love looking at them. Congratulations!!!!! :)

  3. Oh goodness! I thought that was a painting at first, until I looked at it even more. The detail is exquisite! No surprise here that its in the top ranks! Many congrats!


    So thrilled for you, my friend! I sent you a tweet saying I didn't know what Flickr Explore really was, but then I ended up here a bit later and found you had explained it. :)

    What an honor. You deserve it! You have such a beautiful eye.

    Love you!

  5. explore worthy indeed.
    have you checked over on big huge labs to see if you don't have more in there?

  6. AWESOME!!

    You deserve it. Your photos are always so interesting and beautiful.

    And the photo chosen is stunning.

  7. @Sarah
    Thanks, sister!!

    Thank you also!! I'm glad you've enjoyed the images I've posted

    What a fantastic compliment!! I've heard a few times now that it's been mistaken for a painting at first. I'm afraid that's something far beyond my ability. God put the landscape there, and I simply took the picture. Thanks, Sean!!

    It's easy for me to take for granted that people know the Flickr vernacular, so I'm glad my explanation was helpful. As always, thank you for your encouragement and vision.

    Thank you!! I did have one other photo that made explore temporarily, but was dropped. It was this one. So does that count as 2? ;o)

    Thank you!! I'm very glad you find them beautiful. And I'm still looking for a rocking chair to take a picture of ... I haven't forgotten!! :o)

    Thanks again, all!!

  8. this photo is mesmerizing, captivating, beautiful. it whispers of His presence beside still waters, even almost frozen ones, i love this.