07 January 2010

wanted: your self-portrait ideas!!

I recently mentioned that sometimes I'm fortunate enough to have a good idea of what I want to accomplish in my daily self-portrait project. But on other days, I come up completely short and start wondering how I might make that day's reflected-in-the-mirror shot of any interest. There are some incredibly creative self-portrait shots out there, and I'm only on Day 105. Translation: I have 260 days left.

That's a lot of self-portraits!!

It's a lot easier to be creative when the daylight hours are longer, when it's the weekend, or when it's not bitterly cold and raining out. Or, when I pass by a long row of red shopping carts that are just begging for me to pose upon them. I kid you not: they were begging.

103/365: rebel with a camera // 10 random things about me.
Day #103: Rebel with a camera
Canon 40D

Here's the deal: I want your ideas. More to the point, I need them.

I've tried some pretty crazy things (as well as some pretty prosaic things) and am willing to try some more -- within reason, of course. You aren't going to get me to set my hair on fire and run through the grocery store without any pants on. If you want to see what kinds of things I've already done and just how stretchable the idea of "self-portrait" is, you can take a look at my set here.

So here's the deal: I will give away an original framed Hummingbird print to someone who has a fantabulous idea for a self-portrait. The print is 6x6 and comes printed with a matte finish on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and is custom-framed in a museum-quality 12x12 black frame and white matte.


From the eligible ideas, a winner will be drawn at random and I will execute your self-portrait idea. Once completed, I will post it here on the blog. If there are a lot of good ideas, I might just choose a few runners-up and send you a little sumpthin-sumpthin as well.

Most of these should be pretty obvious, but here are the guidelines your suggestions must meet to be eligible for consideration:
1. To be a self-portrait, it just needs to include some portion of my body in the frame. It is not necessary for my face to be included.

2. The self-portrait can be indoor or outdoor, but has to be something I can execute locally (within the greater Seattle area). Feel free to suggest fitting props, clothing, accessories, locales, a song/poem/quote as inspiration, etc.

3. Absolutely no nudity or sexually suggestive poses/positions. Any idea that I otherwise find inappropriate will be rendered ineligible at my discretion. The author/artist reserves the right to delete any suggestion deemed offensive or inappropriate in any way.

This is my blog, and that's how we roll around here.

By the by, I know regular readers wouldn't dare suggest anything like I mentioned above, but just in case a creepy person stops by with a wild harebrained idea, I have to put this in there

4. The execution of the self-portrait must not break any laws or compromise the safety of any person.

5. Submit your suggestions in the comments section of this post. Submit as many as you'd like!!

And that's about it. Feel free to let the ideas roll!! I will be accepting suggestions until Tuesday, January 12 @ 3 pm PST. A winner will be chosen at random the following day and announced here on the blog. If there are a number of good ideas, I'll choose some runners up as well.

So feel free to let your creative juices brew and keep the suggestions flowing. Thank you in advance for all your great ideas!!

* * * * *

NOTE: James and I are leaving for Southern California this morning for a few days (coming back Tuesday afternoon), so I probably won't be around much. I'm excited to get to see Sarah and take some pics of her belly!! :o)


  1. Okay, now if I've been following you long enough, I'd wager that you're somewhat of a coffee addict like me (Fresh Press has been heavily approved by you on more than one occasion). 8^D

    You need a really good coffee shot going! I saw a couple mugs briefly going over the gallery, but that was it.

    If you had a couple extra bucks to pick up a couple of huge bags of beans at Costco or something, what if you did a shot if you laying in coffee beans (ala Scrooge McDuck) or maybe even having a huge amount of beans "raining from the sky" with you holding your mug eagerly catching a sip.

    I don't know, something coffee-esque. 8^D

    Enjoy Cali!

  2. Here is one that I have been wanting to do myself and is on my list...
    I am sure Seattle has some awesome artwork on it's walls- you know mural work. Find your favorite and do a photo of yourself with it- maybe a jumping photo, maybe playing along in the scene.
    It would also be really fun to do a few shots over at the EMP (that is the music museum by the needle right?) the architecure is so intresting over there that I am sure you could come up with with something cool.
    I can't wait to check back in since I am in need of ideas too!!


  3. I think you should do one of you shoplifting in the buff.
    What? That breaks rules? Rules were made to be broken. ;)

  4. okay, so i love that you're asking for ideas and i adore that hummingbird print ... but my brain is fresh out of creative juice right now. can't wait to see what others suggest!

    ps: sean's idea made me laugh. :)

  5. I don't have that photographer kind of mind. I can't think of anything. But I like the ideas the first two commenters came up with. I know you'll think of some great ones and I can't wait to see them! :)

  6. you could use the fremont troll as a prop- i'm thinking, something super girly, tulle, fairy/wood nymph against the contrast of the cement troll and the shadows of the bridge.

  7. I might come back with more ideas but here's one for now:
    Try copying / recreating famous paintings or photos. Challenging and a lot of fun!

    By the way, I really love your 365 set so far!

  8. I haven't commented in a bit, but always here reading.
    After the giveaway is over... are you going to start selling your photography? You should. I could buy a birthday present to myself tomorrow. ??

    and I have to look at your shots thus far, but off the cuff wonder if any have included libraries, or animals.

  9. Can your pictures include body parts of other people? If so, I think it would be very sweet to see your wedding-ring-bedecked hand on James' cheek.

    If that doesn't work based on the rules, then how about one of your hands cooking something. I always remember that time that we attempted to make fondant that Easter that you came home with me. In my mind, you and cooking just go together =)

  10. What about a shot of you in a store window posing next to some mannequins. Could be really fun~ I can see it now.

  11. I don't know if this is possible where you live or not, but what about one where you're making a snow angel or something in the snow? Or even something in the rain. That could be something fun with a colorful umbrella and rain boots.

  12. Gosh, I feel a little silly. I had looked through your self portraits before I commented about my idea, but I just looked through them again and saw that you already did one with an umbrella and rain boots - I don't know how I missed that before. Oops! But it would be neat if there was one of you actually in the rain while it was falling, if that's possible.

    I really enjoy your pics! Thanks for sharing them! (Sorry for commenting so much.) :)