26 February 2010

love & potato chips

I'm certain that the fact that my once loose-fitting "I'm feeling so skinny" pants are now the snug "I'm glad I can still zip them up" pants couldn't have a thing to do with the fact that I've been padding the bottom line of the Kettle Brand Chips company lately. It couldn't possibly, could it? I mean, I know I'm pregnant and all, but ...

Could it?!
Yeah, that's what I thought.

I was really hoping that I would be one of those women who, when pregnant, sailed and soared through pregnancy without nausea or vomiting or lagging energy. So far, I've dealt with all three. Foods and meals I previously enjoyed now turn my stomach (split pea soup, vegetable soup, hot rice cereal, etc.) and foods that I've never enjoyed a close relationship with (eggs being at the top of this list, and orange juice being another) are now amongst the short list of things I can stomach without difficulty and actually crave.

So far, the best thing to eat -- the thing I've enjoyed the most and have not gagged on once -- are salt & vinegar potato chips (Kettle brand only, Little Bean is quite picky). James and I discovered a little grocery outlet near our home that sells the smaller bags for $1 when normally, they retail for $3-4. It's nice getting the food you crave on the cheap, and this is a very, very good thing for James whose task it is to take care of a very tired, very nauseated, and very hormonal woman.

And yesterday, I was nearing the bottom of the last bag we had in our apartment. Quelle tragédie!!

Too nauseated to go out myself, I asked this wonderful man if he wouldn't mind picking up another bag or two -- you know, since I've got this child growing inside me and all and this is one of the rare foods that doesn't make me gag to look at, smell, ingest, or have within a half-mile proximity of my person.

The man came home with 2 cases of these potato chips from the grocery outlet. That translates to 2 big boxes, 30 bags, and approximately 22,500 calories of tangy, salty goodness taking up residence in our laundry/pantry area. Now that is love.

I sure hope I have a hungry baby ... or that s/he doesn't suddenly develop a preference for the jalapeno flavor!!


  1. haha...my mom told me when she was pregnant with me chips were pretty much the only thing she could stomach! What is it with pregnancy and potato chips, lol? You'd think veggies and fruit would be at the top of the list of things you would crave?!

  2. With MrO I couldn't stop eatting cheetos. My husband just kept shaking his head and asking where his wife went (I don't usually eat cheetos!)
    I also was in love with mashed potatoes.. um, I really don't like them on a reg. basis. Must have been needing extra potassium.

  3. That's funny ;)

    Everytime I stop by here I have to take a look at your little ticker at the top. It's neat to see the little baby stages up there.

    Hope you keep enjoyin your chips!
    Bon Appetit! ;)(..I've been watching Julie & Julia too much. :)

  4. @Nadine
    I have no idea what it is =- my normal diet consists primarily of lean proteins and fresh fruit and veggies, so it's certainly a surprise to be to be craving something salty, slightly fatty, and starchy. I don't get it, but since it's one of the few foods I can handle, I'll take it.

    Cheetos, that cracks me up. It's so bizarre to crave these things that really aren't horribly nutritious, but that your body is saying "gimme!" It's such a learning curve, and just a little bit hard to give myself that. ;o)

    You are too sweet!! And I LOVE "Julie & Julia" -- one of the best movies I've seen recently. It is funny to see what I crave (and what I detest) from day to day ... it always seems to be changing!!

  5. Mmmm! You have me totally craving these now, ever since you starting mentioning this over on Facebook. :)

    Love this story, by the way. Way to go, James!

  6. Eggs, huh? I believe my words (to Dave) about eggs sometime around 6 weeks into my pregnancy was "Put those as far away from me as you can." And they were the last thing I added back into my diet, sometime at the end of the third trimester. Pregnancy is weird, in case you hadn't noticed.

    And what an awesome husband . . . at least you know little bean is getting his calories!

  7. I binged on bbq potato chips a few weeks ago, and I normally don't really like them. But I couldn't get enough of them! I'd bought them for my hubby's lunch and had to red-facedly (is that a word?) admit I'd pretty much downed the bag! Yikes!