04 March 2010

creative energy

You might have noticed that I've been pretty quiet around here lately. I used to have something to say most days of the week, and now I seem to be in the blogging equivalent of hibernation. I know lives go on and all that, but I do miss the interaction that occurs here. I'm thankful for those of you who stop by, and leave a comment to let you know you're thinking of me. Those are much appreciated and don't go unnoticed.

137/365: down for the count

You want to know something else? This isn't the only space in which I've withdrawn a bit. I haven't taken any pictures -- or even picked up my camera -- in three weeks or more. My last upload to Flickr was on February 17. I've taken my camera with me on walks, more or less begrudgingly, and all I want to do is go home and kick my feet up on the couch.

Instead of lamenting that the creative energy is all gone (which I have cried about, make no mistake), I've chosen to understand it another way. The creative impulses that once flowed so naturally and abundantly aren't expressing themselves in the same way anymore. Instead of manifesting itself through writing and picture taking, they've been redirected for the time being to making this little person. It's a season and it's not permanent, but it is important.

For now, it simply is.

P.S. I have been spending some time thinking and discussing about issues of non-violence over at Christianne's beautiful space. If you haven't yet joined the conversation, you may want to take a look!! Here is the link: Journey Toward Non-Violence


  1. the creativity, it will find it's way outward once again. know that it is building and budding within, that you haven't lost it- not at all. be gentle with yourself, be gentle with your creativity and know that when the time is right it will push forward, outward (like your tummy and that babe) and bloom again.


  2. No worries! You have a lot going on right now and relaxing should certainly be your priority so that little baby of yours will be healthy :0) No one can blame you for that, and besides we all go through periods where the creativity seems to cease. I was just thinking about that myself today! Hope you're doing well!

  3. Awww! Thanks for the sweet shout-out, my friend. I'm so loving all your thoughtful contributions to those conversations in that space.

    I can so imagine those tears flowing for the loss of creative energy for blogging and photography. I know how important both of those aspects of life are to you and how much life they bring (and how much you bless others through them!). But what a great perspective to be taking on this ... so much energy goes into creating a WHOLE NEW PERSON! Wow. What an incredible thought.

    Love you, my friend. Missing you lots these days.


  4. Dude! Totally! It will come back . . . slowly, maybe, but it will come ;)

  5. I can relate - although not the pregnant part. I am also in a season of "hibernation". I seem to have little time and little to say - I'm hoping it passes soon. I do miss the joy of blogging. I'm sure we'll both be back soon. Take care Kirsten! Glad you are doing well.


  6. I've been the same and am just getting my "creative energy" back now, at week 16. Haven't taken many pictures, and that's partly due to feeling winter "blah" too. But spring is coming! I think you'll feel rejuvenation soon!