03 May 2010

we now interrupt the series in progress for an adorable belly shot

Good morning, my friends! I've been working on the next post in my Becoming Catholic series, but this Little Bean (who is decidedly bigger than a bean right now, but until we know if it's a girl baby or boy baby baking in there, the name is Little Bean) is still running the show. I'm mostly feeling better (more energy, less nausea -- yeah!!), but still have the occasional bouts of sickness which tend to exhaust me and make my stomach feel as though it's been turned inside-out.

I'm 18 weeks tomorrow (May 4) and cannot believe I'm nearly halfway through this pregnancy!! This was taken about a week and a half ago, and I just got around to processing it. This one, I think, is what they call a keeper.

belly kiss @ 16 weeks & 4 days

Love and hugs to you all, and thanks for your continued prayers and well wishes for the three of us (not the four of us, as one of us in this photo may occasionally contend -- I won't say who he is, except that he has facial hair).


P.S. A few more belly shots here.
P.P.S. Ultrasound is two weeks from Wednesday. Any guesses as to what we're having? Feel free to cast your vote in the poll at the upper right-hand corner of the blog!!


  1. Girl!!! Love this shot. :)

  2. yes, definitely a keeper. (wait, were you referring to the photo or the belly-kisser? not that it matters. both keepers.)

  3. Cute cute cute!
    So glad you are feeling a little better!

  4. very sweet, and you will soon really pop and wonder what happened to your toes :)
    looking good mama and I am so glad to hear you are feeling better too!

  5. I know I've told you already but I love this pic!!! So your hubby thinks you're having twins? Did I understand that correctly? Lol...I'm dying to know if we are...twins run on both sides of my hubby's family and have skipped a couple generations. I'd like to start with one, lol...but whatever GOD gives us...we'll take! ;0) I think my vote for you is GIRL....we'll see.

  6. LOVE the shot . . . no idea about the gender, though.

  7. I love this shot, too. So sweet! :)

    Mmm ... it feels good to visit this space again. I still have three posts in your "becoming Catholic" series to read, but just visiting here and hearing your voice and leaving a short comment feels like coming home.

    Love and miss you,

  8. @Jodi
    Thanks, girl! It's easily one of my faves.

    Ah yes, both are keepers. Definitely.


    @Nessie Noodle
    Let the popping begin!! It's amazing how much it's changed, just this week!!

    Yep, hubby keeps joking that we're having twins. I have to remind him that that's not funny -- just one the first time around, thank you very much!!


    Thanks, sister!

    And it's good to see words from you in this space again. "Becoming Catholic" isn't going anywhere, so feel free to take your time to meander and peruse as your own busy schedule allows!!

  9. You have got to frame this!
    Aw, I love it.
    You two are going to make a beautiful baby!

    God Bless..n' lovE!!!