26 June 2010

five assorted & sundry confessions

Some of you have been visiting me here for awhile, and many of you are a bit newer. Even if the former description suits you better, there are a few things you probably don't know about me: random, weird, totally idiosyncratic things that will now be available for the world to see.

That's right. This is Kirsten: Unplugged.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. Just a pic from our wedding that I really like.

Here we go!

1. I'm a compulsive fingernail-picker (but definitely not a biter). This is my go-to bad habit when I'm anxious or stressed or ... whatever.

2. I waited until I was 26 to get my wisdom teeth pulled. What, you thought I was only 26 now? God bless you! When the bottom left wisdom tooth was pulled (sorry, I don't know the correct dental terminology for this location) it damaged a nerve so that the left side of my tongue is pretty numb. It's been healing slowly, but 6 years later, I still have some residual numbness on the left side of my tongue.

3. I have done almost nothing to get Ewan's bedroom ready. Assuming I give birth at around 40 weeks, this means I have about 14.5 weeks left to execute on my nesting instinct. Oh, okay. I have done something. I painted these letters. And I hung up some of his clothes. Want to see what his room looks like now? And does moving four weeks ago count as "just moved"?

4. After I finished college and up until the time James and I connected again, I was convinced I didn't want children. I was rather passionate and adamant about it (you know, "I want a career," "I'm more than a uterus," "No way I'll be barefoot and pregnant" all that. Ironically, as I sit here and write this, I am barefoot, and most definitely pregnant -- just in case you missed the huge belly). Nine years later, I became reacquainted with James and couldn't wait to start having babies with him. Just needed to find my Mr. Right, I guess.

5. Generally speaking, I really don't like shopping of any sort: for clothes, for shoes, for groceries, for cleaning products ... you name it. I just don't. I can actually think of just two times in my life I enjoyed shopping: 1) In the spring of 2008 when I discovered I'd lost yet another pant size, and 2) Shopping for maternity clothes (when I needed pants with lots of elastic in the waist). That's pretty much it.

So ... anyone else in the mood for a little fessing up? What sorts of fun and interesting things does the bloggy world not know about you?


  1. great unplugged post...wow too bad about your wisdom tooth drama...hopefully it keeps getting better. love love love your random wedding photo!!!!!!

  2. Awesome ;) If I get a chance, I'll do one of my own on my blog . . .

  3. @Jocelyn
    Thanks!! I hope it keeps getting better too. At least I can chew on that side now. :o)

    That would be fun to see, sister!! :o)

  4. And you're such an adorable pregnant woman!

    By the way, yes, moving 4 weeks ago counts as just moved. I moved into Chris' house 5 yrs ago when we got married, and I'm still considering it "just moved."

  5. i got my tonsils out at 30... so not fun.

    i don't like chocolate.

    i haven't pumped a grumpy in 16 days. (oops. TMI?!)

  6. I had chicken pox in the ninth grade (who gets them at twelve???) I had them in my ears and throat, but the worst was on the bottom of my feet. I sort of waddled, walking on the edges of my feet for a week or so until the "pox" healed.

    I taught synchronized swimming for years, and don't have a lot of body consciousness at all in a one piece suit, but am horribly aware of my body in a bikini.

    Because of years of public changing while swimming, I'm also not at all self-conscious about changing clothes in front of other people (as long as full nudity isn't involved!). I didn't even realize just how unselfconscious of that I was until I had an extremely modest roommate who couldn't even try on an outfit without closing her bedroom door.

    hmm... I think that might be enough random confessions for one night :)

  7. Thanks for sharing, everyone!! These were so fun to read. It's great to know a little more about the people who stop by here from time to time. :o)