06 July 2010

all kinds of baby progress

The belly continues to grow. I heard again today: Oh honey, any day now? You should have seen this guy's face when I told him I had 13 more weeks. The belly was feeling pretty solid today, and there was a part of me that felt like "accidentally" whacking him with it. If you read this post, you know how I feel about statements like that. I mean, you know how we pregnant women are with our altered center of gravity and all that. Anything could happen.

Knocking on the door of the third trimester. Yikes!!

But speaking of an altered center of gravity, I must reveal that in one day this past weekend, I managed to knock over a display in Starbucks and spill an entire salad in the middle of the grocery store. The funny thing is, is that my belly is looking bigger these days than it feels. Don't get me wrong, I have trouble getting out of the car, up off the couch, or out of bed ... but I don't feel like my protruding belly is all that cumbersome just walking around. In fact, I'm still able to work out (with weights and cardio) quite comfortably. Looking at this picture, I actually had to ask James if this is really how big my belly looks, and he affirmed what the camera was telling me. I still have to say though: I'm loving every minute of it.

And Ewan continues to have more clothes in his closet. What? What's that you say? You want to see the adorable baby swag we have? Well, well ... if you insist!!

We already had a few outfits in the newborn to 0-3 months category, so the shopping my Mom and Kaari (my sis) and I did on Saturday focused on the 6 to 12 month range primarily. There are a number of cute things not hung up as well, but I won't go into showing you every single outfit. At least not yet. ;o) In related news, I continue to learn that adorable baby clothes at clearance prices (with an additional 20% off at the register) means that I cannot be stopped. Go figure!

We're also making progress on his room. It's becoming less of the "this is all the stuff we need to go through since we moved" room to the "this is soon going to be the baby's room" room. Basically, this means that now, there is less stuff in there than there was a couple of weeks ago. Trips were made to Goodwill and the used bookstore that lightened our load considerably.

Then there is the decor which is, at this point, minimal but adorable. We have no furniture yet and this is a good thing, since we're still in the clearing-the-room-out phase. Even though we still plan on painting (I'm planning on a light spring green as the base), I couldn't resist getting a few things up on the wall just to see how it looked.

The bulletin boards are from Target and I picked up the little wooden animals from Michael's. Ah, this is so much fun!! The Lego rosary was made by a family at my church.

And that, my friends, is where we stand now. I feel good about all the work we've gotten done, and look forward to filling his room with more baby things.


  1. i had such a blast decorating joey's nursery before he was born. i used felt and styrofoam and pipe cleaners to design grass and flowers and a bunch of hand-made bugs. it was cheap (a very good thing when you have no money) and it looked really cute. of course it all had to come down when he got old enough to start eating the bugs, but it was fun while it lasted. :)

    green is just right. growth and all that. have fun kirsten.

  2. I LOVE Ewan's room and all of his clothes... I especially love the lego rosary. How creative! You look wonderful, and I am so happy that you are enjoying this season for all it's worth.


  3. what a great start to his room! the clothes are super cute and so are the decorations! you and your belly are adorable!

  4. Oh, I love the Lego rosary - that's awesome!

  5. I love it! You did such a good job! I can't wait to see more! The colors are so fun and happy! :0)

  6. apologies for being a comment slacker,
    but I'm always here reading.
    always thinking and praying.

    you are so radiantly beautiful.

    I love the colours here. The pages, your photos, the bits of Ewan's space. It's like you are celebrating life , creating a garden of possibility , joy, and comfort.

    even as you gather and nurture you teach and bless,
    and I thank you for that.

    and I think your belly is perfect. and I would want to touch it in the most gentle of just trying to say hello to Ewan ways, kind of like a I could almost be a doula or something after all my births , and I'd ask very nicely first :).

  7. SO fabulous! LOVE your nursery.

  8. looks like you are having a blast getting ready! waaay ahead of us in this dept. I should really think about pulling out the bins of clothes and at least having some newborn diapers on hand in the house :)
    Great colors in the room- the boards were that color when you got them? Super fun! I might have to head over to our target now.

    and your belly, BEAUTIFUL! so fun.

  9. I like the bulletin board idea! And Ewan's name and the print on the dresser are still so, so cute. Perfect. :)

  10. You look great - very cute! I've been away from blogging for a bit and I'm getting caught up! The room looks great too.

  11. Ohhhh... Auh-dorable. And, you totally changed my mind about boy baby clothes. I thought how boring it would be to have a boy after buying such girly cute clothes, but I'm wrong-- his clothes are sooooo cute!!