28 July 2010

kansas :: six

Another fun thing about Kansas, besides seeing the places where things in our story happened? Having fun in places he knows well, making new memories that involve laughter and road signs.

Yes, I said road signs.

Neither of us can remember whether this photo was my idea or his, and I guess at this point it doesn't really matter. We laughed hard while we were making it, marvelling at the odd symmetry of it all: the pregnant lady and the road sign. Apparently Flickr peeps liked it too, because it made it into Explore.

If you're my friend on Facebook, you've probably already seen it. But if not, I give you the photo with a thousand possible captions ...

life imitates art (& road signs), or
warning! dangerous curves ahead, or
by kirsten.michelle (2010)

Got one of your own (a snappy and clever title for this photo)? I'd love to hear it!

Some other newly-posted summer lovin' photos from Kansas that I love ...

(Yes, I got in. And yes, the process of getting out was hilarious)
a tall drink of water
Many, many of these were consumed in KS

So here I am, inundating you with more pics from our trip. It's nearly the end of July and I haven't even asked about you. What are some of your favorite summer memories so far?


  1. I love the tire swing! I had so much fun on those as a kid! :)

  2. that shot STILL has me grinning!

  3. LOVE these. Favorite summer memories . . . seeing Mirren meet her great grandma, watching Dave's dad be more gentle than I've ever seen him with his granddaughter, watching her swim . . . somehow, they all have to do with the baby ;)

  4. Hehe..what a creative photo! And so cute! You are a gorgeous mama to be!!

    Praying for you guys!!

  5. This photo would make a perfect baby shower card! Very clever and cute.

  6. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .