22 July 2010

kansas :: two

One of the things we did on our last night in Kansas (besides watching a completely awesome lightning display) was go out to the family farm. Now, c'mon people ... you know me. And you know James a bit. We totally did a photoshoot at the farm.

Here are a few of our favorites ...

Psst! This last one made it into Flickr Explore ... wahoo!
(If that doesn't mean anything to you, I explain it here.)

For someone who doesn't mind having her picture taken, it's so fun to have someone who has skill with the camera nearby. And lest you think I don't take a bad picture, well ... let's just say I wish I hadn't deleted some of the ones where I look drunk, severely pained, or like I swallowed a double-wide (which describes approximately 80 - 90% of the photos taken). You should really see those babies!

I've got so many more (and more interesting) pictures of the scenery here that I can't wait to show you. Look for those tomorrow!!


  1. You look absolutely beautiful!

  2. Makes me want to go to Kansas, which is saying something. ;)

  3. ok, you are seriously the cutest prenant lady! love these shots...makes me regret not taking pics when I was pregnant with my kids.

  4. Oh Kirsten, these pictures are treasures...they'll be so fun for Ewan to see when he's older. :)

  5. Your pictures are beautiful!! Love that last one! (Yay for the flickr explore!)

    When I was a kid we took a little family trip and we had to drive through Kansas and I thought it was the most boring place ever. Field, Field, Field...
    After seeing your pictures it makes me think maybe I would feel differently now that I'm grown.

    So glad you had a good time and are sharing your lovely pics with us! :)

  6. You are SO ADORABLE!!

    Super-cute pregnant girl. :)

    I saw that you uploaded these to Flickr the other day, and I just sat there in awe.

    I love that last one especially -- totally get why you'd be Explore'd -- congratulations to you two!!

    Love you.

  7. I'm totally loving your photos here! I can smell Kansas - which is a nice thing, not like China. Have a great trip and keep the photos coming!