23 September 2010

From Our Album

You've probably already noticed that given the nature of what's going on in our family, I'm blogging fairly exclusively at Team-Ewan.com right now, so if you want the latest on what's happening with us, please check there.. But I thought I'd post a few recent pictures here ...

We've got some big tests being performed later today at about 1:00 pm. This test will determine a lot about what the approach for his surgery will be, and let us know what we can expect as far as having a positive outcome. Please, please pray for us.


  1. new to your blog. gorgeous post. my prayers with your baby.

  2. Praying for you, I think you're in a later time zone than me so the prayers are early. Tears in my eyes for you. I pray that very soon Ewan won't need tubes and medical equipment, and will be surrounded just by soft things, your arms and a blanket.

  3. just looking at the photos,
    thinking of you guys.

    the one of Ewan with your hair in his fingers ...
    it speaks volumes.

  4. wow he is stunning. I am just now catching up on your story and I am so sorry for your loss. He is one stunning baby boy. Heaven is so lucky to have him and I am so sorry you had to let him go so early in life.

    Stay strong. Thinking of you and your family!