25 November 2010

Snow Days

It is no great secret that I am not what one might call "a snow person". I don't like cold weather in general, and the snow (as pretty as it is) tends to make a mess of things, especially traffic. Cars slide down hills, slip on ice, collide into each other, and make insurance premiums rise. I've experienced first-hand multiple times the reality that cars do not ice skate well.

But seeing as I cannot control the weather, I might as well make the most of it. Don't get me wrong -- getting into a car still induces in me a knee-jerk, white-knuckled kind of panic in this kind of weather. But during this brief season where I don't have to worry about getting to work, I have a choice when the snow comes: stay inside and be the snow grinch, or pile on the layers and get out and play in it.

I chose the latter, and (my apologies to Robert Frost) that made a tremendous difference.

It's just like a lot of things in life, I guess: we can't often choose or manipulate our circumstances to our liking. If we could, a lot of things in my life would be very, very different right now. And so today, instead of writhing with fury and becoming overwhelmed by sadness, I'm choosing to focus my energies on being grateful that Ewan was here, and that I got to hold him for a little while. My life will always be the better for it.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all. Much love to you and yours!


  1. You are so utterly adorable, my friend. So glad you found some joy in the midst of it all. xoxo

  2. Hooray for getting out and somehow playing in it! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Thankful for your joy. As one of those weirdos who likes snow, I wish I was there . . . except for the travel issues of course! Love you.

  4. this made me smile to the core for you Kirsten.

  5. I love your pictures, Kirsten... And hearing your thankfulness.

  6. My first time back in this space in ages, so only now heard your news.

    I have no adequate words to offer. So this short note is simply to say that I hear you.


  7. your pictures really capture delight and joy, kirsten...beautiful moments of receiving joy amdist your sadness. and i'm a little jealous of your snow...we haven't had any here in my part of colorado yet!

  8. So glad you are able to enjoy this season. I cannot wait for snow here :)

  9. Your living, K - it kills me. In the best, best way. I want to cry, seeing your smile.

  10. Grateful to see life and joy in your body! Kiss a few flakes for me!

  11. Kirsten
    Sorry I have been so so absent. But you have been on my heart more times lately than I can even tell you. That may surprise you since I have been so quiet, but I have thought of you many many times lately.

    I just wanted to tell you that you inspire me. Your life and the painful things that you have endured lately has been the one thing that has given me hope to keep going. I keep telling myself everyday now......"if Kirsten can endure what she has endured and not give up on God then so can I." I am in so much pain right now, I feel like I cannot breathe, but I think of you and I catch my breath one more time.

    I am saying this in tears, Thank you, Kirsten, for giving to the Lord.

  12. I'm not really a snow person either:)
    We've got snow here. Not too much, but enough.

    And I think, since I really really like your sweet blog --loved your about me page:)-- I'm just giving you a heads up that I'm gonna link to you in one of my next posts.
    I'm more for stronger coffee myself, but lattes are good too. ;)
    And I totally understand that thing of losing taste for it--I go through that when I'm sick.
    Never been pregnant, ha, so I'm hoping I don't have the torture of wanting coffee but not being able to have it.

    Have a lovely Monday!

  13. I got your letter. I will respond, I promise!

    So much love,

  14. I love those images of playing in the snow, enjoying the weather God provided. We don't get snow here (once in a while) and we have been hoping for it. I just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am your newest follower. God bless you and your family.

  15. hi kirsten.

    i've been following your story for quite some time (through KLaw's blog) but never commented. i think you are a beautiful soul and i never wanted to invade your privacy, i guess. does that make sense?

    i will never say i know your pain. that would be disrespectful but i do know my own pain. in the last 3 months, i lost my father to cancer, had my third miscarriage and found out our cat has one month to live due to lymphoma invading his body. i am in NO WAY comparing or saying I know what you are going through but i do know the raw feelings that come with loss. maybe i should not have written all of that. i apologize if it offended you.

    i guess what i am getting at is i want you to know i am sending you love and hope and anything else you may need. you are amazing because you are you and thank you for that.


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