20 April 2011

Change is a Tricky Thing

[Takes a deep breath as she comes up for air.]

Well, hello there. If you remember that this blog exists, color me impressed! Once a blogging addict, this (along with a number of other things) have fallen to the wayside and gotten dusty as my husband and I prepare for yet another major transition in our lives. After nearly two years of searching, James finally got a job offer! Did I mention it was in Florida? You know, that state that is kitty corner on the map from Washington? The state that is further away from Washington state than any other state in the continental US?

Yeah, that one.

And did I mention he's starting in less than a week -- less than two weeks, in fact, from the date he was offered the job?

It's been a busy couple of years. To recap, this is what has transpired in the past 23 months. 1) James moved to Washington state (sight unseen) from Kansas. 2) We got married. 3) James looks for work in Washington, but in 23 months has no luck finding one. 4) We convert (well, "revert" for James) to Catholicism. 5) We learn we're expecting our first baby. 6) We learn our baby has a severe heart defect. 7) Our baby, a boy named Ewan, dies in my arms at 16 days old after enduring multiple surgeries and procedures aimed at attempting to correct the heart defect. 8) After Ewan's birth and death, I'm on unpaid maternity leave (husband still unemployed). 9) Still unable to find employment, James begins trading options again. For the amount of time and money invested, a disappointing return. 10) I return to work in February 2011 after a 5-month absence. 11) A little more than a month after I return to work, I learn that the company I work for has been sold to another company. Cue questions about my employment.

And now, 12) James gets offered (and accepts) a job in Florida. 13) James and Kirsten move cross country. Oh, and James goes ahead of Kirsten to start working. She stays behind to keep working at her job, fulfill the lease obligation on their apartment, and maintain benefits while they wait for James' benefits to kick in at 90 days.


I didn't need it to tell me it's been a -- shall we say "stressful"? -- year for us. But I took this test to tell me anyway. Certain life events are assigned a point value and the combined total puts you in a particular category in terms of your stress. Let's just say that my score indicates that maybe I shouldn't be living, or at the very least, that I should be locked in a padded room, kept away from sharp objects, and spoon-fed pureed peas. Perhaps it's a miracle that I'm not.

These recent changes are positive. While tricky to deal with a prolonged and long-distance separation, I know that this move will be a positive thing for us in many ways. Dealing with a prolonged period of unemployment is enough to drive any couple insane. But making this transition happen just might drive me to baldness in the meantime.

I'm thankful for what's happening and look forward to the changes to come. But I sure hope that in His infinite goodness, God will give us some good downtime once I arrive in the sunshine state. I'm hoping that we can both kick up our feet, enjoy an iced beverage, and sleep for about nine days straight.

Nine days sounds about right to me.


  1. I still read your blog! Thanks for writing this update on how y'all are faring--wow, what a time you have gone through these past few years. I pray that your new place and positions in Florida go well, by God's grace.

  2. It's so hard to even wrap my mind around all the change you two have seen in less than two years. I'm thinking back to your courtship days, too, and how quickly your life changed into love, too.

    When I think about this for you, all I can do is say, Lord, have mercy.

    I'm praying for down time for you on the other end of this, too. I wish the 90 days could go faster so that you can be on the other side of this transition and just start settling in and coming down from all that change.

    Praying for you guys through this. So glad to be given the privilege of being here on the other end of the country when you arrive, with arms wide open for you.


  3. um wow.
    funny, I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were and what was going on with you.

    I am really excited for the opprotunity you two are being given. Hang in there girl, those days will go by quickly and you will be with your love again soon.


  4. You guys have been through so much. I was so, so glad to hear that God provided a job for your husband, as it is such an answer to prayer, but I can only imagine the difficulty of the separation and moving cross country.

    I will be praying for peace for you during this time. ..And that with this move to Florida, will come a season of blessing. (And maybe 9 days of sleep too.) ;)

  5. I still lurk on your blog(s). I'm a revert and my husband is converting, so we have that situation in common. The other big stuff you've been through...I can't even imagine. But thank God your husband got a job. I hope it's challenging and rewarding.

    And at least you'll get a little more sun when you move! Hmm, maybe you'll have to change your blog title to say sunny days instead of rainy days. Hope there are more sunny days...not just relating to weather.

  6. How close will you be to Christianne?

    I still think about Ewan often and pray for you guys. It's so odd to care about someone so much when we've never met, but I suppose that's the body of Christ. It makes me think of how Paul connected the different churches he ministered to.

  7. i'm with christianne -- it's hard to fathom all that you have endured over the past few years. nine days of solid sleep sounds just abou right...

  8. I'm still reading too. (and empathizing at how much you guys have experienced these last years.)

    And definitely praying for both the prolonged separation, and the down time once you're together again, and all the transitions in the meantime.

    hugs and love.

  9. May you experience His grace today and each day as you reunite and build the future in your new state soon. May you stay and be close to the Lord as you emerge a stronger woman in the faith that never dies!!!

    Happy Easter!!!

  10. I like split-pea soup. But padded rooms, no. Down comforters, yes. And as much as you've been thru, you certainly deserve a long slumber in a safe, comforting, soft place. Bless you, dear heart!

  11. Still here.

    Still reading.

    Still praying for you and James fellow chumskillet!