15 March 2011

For Lent

I've been away from this space for awhile, devoting most of my blogging time these days to Team Ewan. Being back at work means there's less time during the day in which I can let my fingers wander around on the keyboard, fumbling through thoughts and words that will translate somehow into English.

Ash Wednesday

Lent is officially upon us, and that means I've been setting aside the time to engage in some extra disciplines, as well as taking some time to consider ways I can better love and serve. I've given up my snooze button in favor of being able to devote a portion of my morning to prayer, and I've also been following along the readings for the daily Mass, a habit I always intended to form someday. I've found it incredibly helpful for guiding my thoughts and reflections throughout the day, and for orienting my heart toward the heart of God.

Even if you're not Catholic or don't normally engage in a liturgical style of worship, you too might find something like these helpful as we journey together through a season of penitence and service in preparation for Good Friday and Easter.

Yesterday's readings can be found here (I don't know when I've found Leviticus so incredibly moving). Check out this past Friday's as well if you get a chance (I love Isaiah).

How are you observing the season of Lent?


  1. Thanks for the links. I attended my first Mass on Ash Wednesday (and wrote about it 3/11 on my blog). I enjoy your writing very much!

  2. I've done the daily readings a few times in the past, and always appreciated them.

    this year, Lent is pretty low key for me, just as a change. I blogged about it a bit last week.

  3. Thanks for the links. I'll definitely check those out! I need to add more daily time with God in my life and maybe that will be a good place to start. We did give up eating out for Lent! :)

    I still love reading your words and get excited when I see you've posted. Still always thinking of you all and your sweet Ewan!