About the Blog

Branching Out
In the year or so following my son's death, my primary focus was at the Team Ewan blog writing honestly about loss, grief, motherhood without a child, and about life going on after everything we had been through. I had plenty to write about and quite honestly, most of my focus was on those things.


My Goals For This Space
I'm finding lately that my thoughts veer toward other things now: I want to think and write about my faith, about the things I read and observe. I want to write about those things that get me excited and passionate. When I think about these things, I find myself writing virtual blog posts in my head as I process through them. So what I'm really doing here is taking something that's already happening privately and making it public.

As I was thinking about the feelings I wanted this site to evoke and the goals I had for it, these are the words that immediately came to mind:  Reflective. Contemplative. Fun. It might not be all these things all the time, but I do hope that over time, we will all find it living up to the ideals I have in mind for it.

Having the goals of being contemplative and reflective is not to say it will always be somber and serious (are any of us just one or the other all of the time? Me neither!), but it is a space where I want to think, discuss, and hash out what's on my mind.

window to the world

I know some of you have been wondering about the title. Though the title Lattes and Rainy Days initially came from my addiction to lattes, the love for my Pacific Northwest roots, and liking the sound and whimsy evoked by the words when spoken together, the title now has a different goal. Though I could reason that it's because Florida still has rain and Starbucks going for it, it's really because "lattes and rainy days" now has me thinking of sipping something hot and staying inside, looking at the window as the rain comes down, quietly and carefully considering one or more of the various aspects of life. In other words, it now puts me in the mind of contemplation and reflection.

My expectation is that the majority of the contemplation and reflection here will relate to my faith: my experiences, thoughts, things I'm struggling with and working through -- that kind of thing. This isn't meant to be off-putting to my friends who aren't religious -- and if it's not your cup of joe, honestly -- I won't be offended if you choose not to read.

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What it is meant to do is to provide me a place of expression for these things that are coursing through my mind and my heart every day -- things that lie at the very core of who I am. Though anyone is welcome to read and comment, my expectation is that this will appeal to a particular niche of people. And I'm perfectly okay with that.