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Team Ewan began as a way to chronicle our experiences in preparing to have a child with a congenital heart defect. I wrote about our experiences beginning with the prenatal diagnosis (around Week 22 of my pregnancy), his birth, our time in the hospital, and how our lives have been since his death. This is space where I write honestly about what it's been like to lose a child, the experience of grief, and how we've learned to live again after so devastating a loss. I also use this space to chronicle my pregnancy with Ewan's little sister, Austen.

hope changes
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Hope Changes Everything is a collection of stories from real people who have struggled through some of the things in life that threaten to hold us back from living fully: addiction, anger, depression, anxiety, disappointment, doubt, fear, grief, and guilt -- just to name a few. In these stories, you hear not only about some people who have dealt with these things, but also how God brought them through these places beyond their struggles to experience victory, joy, and life again. I share about dealing with the grief of losing our son on the Grief page.

Radio Appearances
EWTN Radio: The Good Fight 17 September 2011 (Audio currently not available online, but we're working on it! Please check back for updates)
Voice of Russia Radio: America Marks Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day