26 January 2007

Cars on Ice: UPDATE

I received a call from the adjuster from my insurance company today; the driver of the car I hit is claiming to have sustained injuries (see the previous post for details). The impression I received is that this person is trying to take advantage of the situation to get some money. The adjuster said it is highly unlikely that the woman sustained the injuries she's claiming if there is no discernible damage to my car.

I take my car in on February 6 to get inspected so it can be verified that there is no damage to my vehicle. My Dad, the most detail-oriented man on the planet when it comes to motor vehicles, couldn't even detect a scratch on my car after it happened, so I am not afraid of them finding anything we haven't seen already.

Even though I know I've done everything I could possibly do to handle this correctly, I am still pretty discouraged. I am extremely sleep-deprived today, having slept less than 2 hours of last night, I have had a demanding work day, and continuing to deal with my stomach issues - I just feel like crawling into a hole and hiding until this all blows over.

If you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers in this matter. Several things have happened lately that make me feel like I have a target painted on my back. I know it is the evil one trying to discourage me, but I don't want to give in to his attacks.

Thank you, friends!


  1. Will definitely pray for you - i went through a similar incident, and was very frustrated about it. Things with the boy are a bit rocky right now - if you could pray that i have the courage to do what i need to do.

  2. Argh! I hate that this is happening right now with the whole car thing. Spiritual warfare is real. (I know you know this.) Continue to claim your identity as Christ's co-heir, and perhaps give Psalm 91 a few reads.

  3. No worries, my sweet friend. This is what insurance is for. A couple months before Adam and I were married, he was in a car accident similar to yours, but without the ice. One of the guys involved decided to claim injuries and sued us almost a year later, even though his doctor told him his headaches were due to sinuses. Anyway, the insurance company took it to court. It took forever, but we didn't have to do much. The case was finally settled and we got notice. It was a pain, but a minor one. Although, it was an annoying pain.

    Anyway, all to say, we will pray that this will go away, but if it doesn't, your insurance company should take care of it.

    Love ya.


    I want to thank you all for your encouragement in this. After looking at the last several months of my life & some significant spiritual decisions I've made, I am convinced this is spiritual warfare. Almost immediately following some of these significant decisions came events that were disheartening & discouraging as this one is (I will explain this in detail in a sure-to-be lengthy blog post sometime in the near future). I was journaling this morning about the last 10-12 months of my life and saw it all clearly. If the evil one cannot keep us from coming to Christ, he will do everything in his power to render us impotent as followers of Jesus and from realizing all that Christ intends for us to accomplish through Him.

    I am clinging to Jesus in all of this, trusting that what Satan intends for evil will be used for good and remembering that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world (1 Jn 4:4). And lest I forget, He has overcome the world (Jn 16:33).

    Again ... thank you all. You have encouraged my spirit.