19 March 2007

As Promised, the Tattoo

Because Blue Mountain Mama asked so nicely, here is a picture of my tattoo. I had originally written a post to go with it, but didn't like it and therefore deleted it after one kind soul beat me to it & commented on it. So if I ever write it in a way I like it -- assuming my brain is ever again connected with my body -- I just might post it someday.

I believe I can safely promise that this is the most flesh I'll ever display on the internet (not to be outdone by the lovely Christin, who got to show off her surgery scars). I believe I can also safely promise that this is the last photo that will ever put my backside on display. :o)


  1. aha!!! i have one on my ankle that i got done when i was 20.....
    i was originally going to get one around my belly-button, but thought that if i ever got pregnant it would get all stretched and warped.

  2. I had the same thought about the belly-button one. I always thought: when the belly is flatter. Then I realized: I'm female. It's not getting any flatter. :o)

    I'd love to see yours sometime too ... :o)

  3. What a funny post! (I mean the part toward the end about not exposing your backside again.) Love the pic, and the tat!

  4. You make me laugh. I would whistle if I could.

  5. Well then. I will consider myself whistled at! :o)

  6. Appreciated your comments on Seedlings, popped over to visit and found this post about your tatoo. One word: cool. Your own design? Looking forward to hearing the story behind it.

    Loved the photos of Deseption Pass...